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  • I know many of us like Tangling, whether traditional Zentangle, or simply artwork that is dominated by patterns.  Although, I don’t do much Zentangle-Inspired artwork these days, I was really into it for years.

    I like to add plants and animals in mine.

    Freaky eyeballs, Sandra. Love it!

    Thank you, Susan!  I should have added that I like to add weird things to my tangle drawings, too!

    I’ve been playing in a Hahnemühle Nostalgie sketchbook. This was done using highlighters to color the background and then fineliner and technical pen for the line work.

    I really like how you have added to the zentangle style.  Great job!

    Wow! What colors!!

    Thank you, Delores!

    Thank you!


    nice drawings

    Sandra, these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I’m green with envy!!!

    Tangled HandsI just started tangling about 7 months ago. I did this piece for my son & his wife for their anniversary. It’s their’s & 2 son’s hands. Done with Pigma Micron pens & Zebra Sarasa 1.0 gold pen

    I love the way you’ve used gold pen in this.

    Playing with Zebra Pen Zensations technical and brush pens in a Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook.  Very nice for pen work!

    This is just amazing!!

    Thank you, Mary! I think this is my favorite kind of drawing to do.  Just sort of adding things at random.  I did use reference photos, so I guess this would be a collage.

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