French Toast With Honey

Day 9 - #WorldWatercolorGroup French Toast with Honey Brioche Pain Perdu avec Miel

Back home for the first full day after Paris and feeling pretty good, with very little jet lag at all. I was going to jump back into this month’s prompts list, but today’s was cheese and I realized while I consumed a ton of it there, I failed to ever snap a photo reference. We started the day with a bit of French toast and some insanely delicious French raw honey that we received from a friend there, so I decided to doodlewash that instead. We had to pick up bread since our refrigerator was emptied before we left, and were going to add a little maple syrup, but realized we were out. Then we remembered we had something even better buried in a suitcase, and it was a revelation! A new simple thing to love and crave, as the honey was unlike any we had ever tasted. A mix of floral notes from plants not found in our state that made the flavor seem exotic and we had to cap it and hide it in the back of our cupboard in order to resist eating the entire jar.

While unpacking our bags, we realized we had actually managed to purchase quite a lot of new fall clothes there. With a sudden burst of energy, we cleared out our closets of old clothes and ended up taking three bags to donate to charity. After all of that, we remembered to be properly exhausted and have spent the afternoon doing nothing much at all. Phineas is curled up in a tight little ball and snoring, completely exhausted from having been at what we call “camp” for the duration of our trip. He’s not a fan of being around a bunch of other dogs as I’m rather sure he thinks he’s not one at all. But he’s happy to be home again. Though he did seem a bit nervous during our closet cleaning extravaganza as though we might be packing to leave once more.

As much as I love spending time in Paris, it’s equally wonderful to be back home again. Our life isn’t very exotic, there or here, but it’s filled with lovely little routines that I cherish. Any little new thing is enough to thrill me, like a little kid throwing the expensive Christmas present on the floor in order to play with the box it came in. I’m still that little kid. Loving each day for every little new thing that happens and every little favorite thing I look forward to doing again. The world can be a crazy place and there’s so much uncertainty as to what might happen in the future. But each day, there’s always something to look forward to, and that makes life pretty amazing. Like the first taste of the best honey you’ve ever eaten.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Deep, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 9 - #WorldWatercolorGroup French Toast with Honey Brioche Pain Perdu avec Miel

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  1. Margaret Parker Brown 6 years ago

    Welcome back Charlie…..wonderful to be home isn’t it? love the sketch and I am a cheese lover, ooh the exotic special kinds. Have a wonderful rest of your day 🙂

  2. Jill Kuhn 6 years ago

    Yes, it is always wonderful to be home after a trip away! 😄🐝🍯 Your honey sounds sweet just like life when we appreciate the small joys – I agree with you, Charlie! Glad you made it home safely. 💕😊

    • Author

      Thanks, Jill! 😃💕 Yes… this honey is insanely good! Lol I told Philippe I would mark the end of the jar to make sure he didn’t drink it while I was away. So good to be home!

  3. KathyAnne 6 years ago

    So enjoyed following your relaxing Paris visit. And, speaking for myself,… the best EVER honey I’ve had is some Lavender Honey that a niece gave me after one of her trips to France. Welcome home!

  4. Teri C 6 years ago

    Welcome home. You’re right, there is just something about being home.
    That honey looks delicious!

    • Author

      Thanks, Teri! 😃💕 It’s sooooo good! I could live on this stuff! But sadly… need to lose the little pounds I gained while “enjoying” Paris! 😊

  5. Sand Salt Moon 6 years ago

    You’re making me hungry. Again.

  6. Jodi 6 years ago

    Welcome Home Sweet Home!

  7. Linda Murray 6 years ago

    Very nice painting, Charlie. Yes, keep looking for that excitement, that newness in each day. Turn around and that time is gone and you’re wishing you could do it all over again. I want a reset button. 😉

    • Author

      Thanks, Linda! 😃💕 Oh wow… can you imagine if we had a reset button how many times we’d be tempted to actually use it? hehe… maybe it’s good in the end we don’t. Experiences are more special when they come every so often.

  8. Well they do say honey is natures liquid gold, delicious. I think you did quite a bit on your first day back, very constructive, and the charity shops will be grateful for you having been buying new clothes 😀

    • Author

      Thanks so much, Rebecca! 😃💕 Yeah… it was weird how motivated we were, but it was probably just the sleep deprivation at work. Lol But a fun day! hehe

  9. Margriet Bierens 6 years ago

    Home, sweet home, cosy place to be!
    Honey, sweet honey, nice to eat!
    A pity I couldn’t taste that honey, there are many different kinds, probably your friend gave you a kind of wild flowers.
    You are lucky having less problems with the jet lag. I think it’s easier to go back home than the way around, at least that’s my experience.
    So good that you already cleaned up your clothes.
    Dog is happy too, what more is there to wish at the moment Charlie?

    • Author

      Thanks, Margriet! 😃💕 Yes… so good to be home again! And dog is happy too… but not pleased that we left him for so long. hehe I think I spoke too soon on the jet lag. Felt totally out of it today! LOL But life is good!

  10. Laurence 6 years ago

    Oh! Beautiful i
    Hum… I think about good reason to have honey. Winter is coming. Honey is a natural antibiotic when you have a cold, with water and lemon juice for example. Specially if you cough, a spoon of honey will stop it for the night. Have a nice day at home !!

    • jmnowak 6 years ago

      Yes, and over here Manuka is the one to get for that. Delicious.

    • Author

      Hehe… thanks, Laurence! 😃💕 Anything to justify a spoonful of this honey each day is a good thing! It’s soooo good! But I need to be careful, and return to my normal diet now. 😊 lol

  11. Cathe 6 years ago

    What a wonderful time and lovely homecoming! So much fun joining you on your adventure, glad you are home and easily fallen into this time zone. Your liquid gold looks delicious!

    • Author

      Thanks, Cathe! 😃💕 So glad you came along on this adventure! It was so fun to steal time and share a bit of it. I wish i could share this honey with everyone… it’s sooo good!

  12. jmnowak 6 years ago

    Americans have strange habits…you keep bread in tbe fridge! I keep mine on the bench. I love toast and honey too. And good closet clearouts. We have a lot in common! Did you meet anyone really interesting in gay Paree? 🛀

    • Author

      Thanks, Janina! 😃💕 We actually keep the bread out as well… never lasts that long around here! Lol And we only met our friends and family in Paris, but they’re super fun and interesting so that was great!! 😉

      • jmnowak 6 years ago

        My loaf doesn’t last long either! So, we’re not so strange after all. 😉

  13. Jacob 6 years ago

    Ah, welcome back honey! 😉 Nice to be home, and with it all figured out – I agree, box over toy every time! There are cravings radiating from your doodlewash, but this is a given by now. Mmm!

    • Author

      Thanks, Jacob! 😃 Sooooo good to be back home again. And with delicious honey? What more could anyone ask for?! Lol

  14. Phil Cooper 6 years ago

    Bread and good honey, so simple and so delicious, lovely painting Charlie, I’m reading this on a train home , still over an hour to go and I’m soooo hungry and this post has made me even more so!
    Nice to read about your easing back into home life again. I do love going away, but like you, I love come home just as much 😊

    • Author

      Thanks, Phil! 😃 Oh no!! Hungry on a train ride is the worst! Sorry… hehe… I usually have a food bar in my bag of some kind when I’m on a long train ride. I tend to get “hangry” when I don’t eat. 😊 lol

  15. SHARON HASCHALK 6 years ago

    Welcome home Charlie! Yes, going on a vacation is something we all look forward to, but I think everyone likes the comfort of home, especially when you have a little furry friend waiting for you.

  16. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    Welcome home, and thank you for a wonderful and thoughtful post. Nice to find the sweetness in life whether honey or friendship or everyday moments.

    • Author

      Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 So glad you liked this post. I feel like I’m still waking up from a dream a bit, but so thrilled to be home again as well.

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