Day 7 - World Watercolor Month - Friday Night Memories Jansport Backpack 80s - Doodlewash #WorldWaterocolorMonth

World Watercolor Month – Day 7 – Friday Night Memories

Today’s prompt of “Friday Night Memories” by my amazing friend Angela Fehr, who is the fabulous artist and instructor who provided us the official prompts for this month, really took me back in time to my backpack from the 80’s. Yeah, you know my mind goes to odd places. This is what I would happily hang on a hook to signal the end of school and the start of the weekend. And I hope that each of you is ready to have an amazing weekend of watercolor painting! Angela kicked off a fun summer challenge and grand prize giveaway in connection with World Watercolor Month and although signing up for a paid course is optional, she gives $1 of every course to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation and last year donated $300 dollars! I love that this month brings all of us together, to celebrate in our own unique way, yet make an incredible global gallery of watercolor using the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth each time we post! Seriously, if you see your friends posting without it let them know! Friends don’t let friends miss out on #WorldWatercolorMonth!

Yeah, so in the very early 80’s, I was so ready to become a teenager, and those of you who do math can now calculate my age. Hanging my backpack up on a doorknob or tossing it carelessly on the floor was a way to signal freedom from homework. As I look at this now, trying to remember what books would have been inside, I find myself a bit lost. I know there must have been a Trapper Keeper of some kind as that was pretty much required. I also know there would have been several little doodles in the margins as I tried hard to pay attention while my mind constantly wandered to other thoughts and places. I wasn’t making “art” back then as they didn’t have many art classes to join in my school. Those had already been traded in for sports that held no interest for me. I wanted to create, and didn’t have an official outlet, so I just sketched things in the corners of my notebooks. Even my mother didn’t preserve these notebooks, so I’ve no idea what secrets I captured there. It would be fun to see them again, but like many memories, they’re just lost in time. That’s why I’m so happy to have this site to house them, as I make a little doodlewash each and every day. It’s like my little 80’s notebook that I never thought to keep.

And today, I’m so thrilled to watch the pages of your sketchbooks and watercolor paper fill up each and every day. Always cherish the memories you’re creating with your art. Hold them close, and at the same time, share them with the entire globe to enjoy as well. Together, we can share a world of watercolor memories! And if you’re wondering about whether there’s a free sample today, there definitely is, but this one is a repeat, so if you’re already on the list to receive it, you won’t be eligible to receive it again today. I’ve got 10 Cheap Joe’s American Journey Sample Sets to give to the first 10 who comment on my site and let me know they want one with “Let’s Make Memories Together!” Thanks to all of you who have joined in to celebrate this amazing month. We’re making something incredible happen together each and every day. And today, I’m so thrilled to sit and watch a watercolor posted every minute online, as I make a new and uniquely incredible Friday night memory!

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham Watercolors: Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Blue, Gamboge, Perylene Maroon, Burnt Sienna and Neutral Tint. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 7 - World Watercolor Month - Friday Night Memories Jansport Backpack 80s - Doodlewash #WorldWaterocolorMonth

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37 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month – Day 7 – Friday Night Memories

  1. “Let’s Make Memories Together!” I’d love to have the Cheap Joe’s American Journey sample set. All the memories you’ve shared have been inspiring, Charlie.

  2. There’s that gorgeous turquoise blue again – and you know I’m partial to turquoise. Your backpack brings back memories of my son’s backpacks as well. I never carried one, but I doodled in the margins of all my notes. It was the only way I could stay focused on the teacher. I still listen much better if I’m doodling.

    I don’t think I can win again, but I can still promote Cheap Joe’s and encourage everyone – Let’s Make Memories Together!

    1. Yay! Here’s to doodling in the margins, Sharon! 😃💕 We have sooooo much in common! And actually, you haven’t received this sample so you did get the one today! Let me know if you’d like it!

  3. I love this post, Charlie! Oh the Trapper Keepers we had and loved. They kept everything so organized! Strangely enough, I never carried a backpack, though, and just lugged around an armful of books. Let’s make memories together, Charlie, or should I say “more” memories 😘. I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s art so far this month too!!

  4. Let’s make memories together!
    As I decided what to paint each day I go through my many sketch books. Each drawing reminds me of where and why. Some of the sketches are good…some not so much, but the memories have been wonderful!

  5. What a cute painting!
    Let’s Make Memories Together!
    I’ve just come across this community, although I paint watercolors since 2013, and I’m really thrilled to see everybody’s works!

      1. I’ve found you on facebook first, and then found out about the website. Will be following it from now on 😀
        Aaand note sent! Thanks!

  6. I’m new …. too late to win anything . But that’s not why I’m here ….. here to thank for all the work u r doing putting this site together …. it’s what I need a little nudge and motivation …… thanks again

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