For our prompt of “Elephant” today, I made a whimsical little sketch of a couple of baby elephants meeting up to say hello. This time of year is so exciting as artists from all over the globe come together to celebrate World Watercolor Month in July! It all starts Friday, so I hope you’re just as excited as I am to spend the entire month of July in a global celebration of the medium we all adore. Prompts are always optional, but I’ll personally be using them for inspiration as I show up each and every day during the month. You don’t have to show up daily to participate, though. Just post whenever you can and remember to add the hashtag #worldwatercolormonth whenever you post any and all art that features watercolors or gouache! This is a non-profit event that helps support arts education and all proceeds from the World Watercolor Month souvenir pop-up shop go to the International Child Art Foundation. So let’s paint the world together in July!

Since I now only post on a weekly basis, it makes celebrating World Watercolor Month super special. It’s a return to what I did when I started this little blog, and feels like coming back home again. It’s like I’m returning to my rambling roots! By the way, if you want to listen to me ramble, then be sure to check out my recent interview on the Inspiration Place podcast. What I’ve enjoyed most about this art journey is that I’ve made long and lasting connections with people I would have never met otherwise. Art can be a rather lonely endeavor and making art together in monthly challenges is a wonderful way to not only meet other artists, but form beautiful friendships along the way. Also, it’s a way to push out of one’s comfort zone and play with various techniques and approaches. I’ve personally bounced around between more realistic and more whimsical looks. My inner child likes to play with reality and paint from imagination! This is something I never thought I’d be able to do, but that kid had other ideas. And, no matter how things turn out, it’s always unexpected and super fun to DO!

My puppy Elliott is older now and has finally gotten used to my watercolor “me time,” though he still whines to himself quietly a bit when I’m not available for him. Either that, or he’s jealous because he would like to try painting as well. Though, I doubt I could trust him not to chew on the brush. I keep trying to get Philippe to paint again, but I haven’t been able to coax him back into doing it yet. He’s moved on to other interests while I stay completely intrigued with drawing and playing with watercolor. It still just feels like play to me. Perhaps, that’s why I still adore it. And having friends to play with was always a joy as a kid, so having others to paint with has been a true joy as an adult. Or, at least a guy who never really quite grows up. So, thank you so much for being a part of this journey. It truly means the world to me and I hope that you know how much I appreciate the comments and support. Most of all, I simply hope that we’ll be friends forever!

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Two Baby Elephants Forest Rainforest Cute Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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14 thoughts on “Friends Forever

  1. Of course we are friends forever – just like your little elephants which are delightful. Did you know Charlie that one thing I learned when I was in Africa is that if an elephant at the sanctuary comes to you (chooses you) then even if it is 10 years before you go back that elephant will remember you. I had the opportunity to see that in action, so I know it is so. Always and forever Charlie 🙂 Oh it would be so wonderful if Philippe could be coaxed back into painting!

    1. Aww, so happy to be your friend, Zoie! 😃💕 And I love that an elephant truly never forgets… especially when she chooses you. That’s lovely! And I agree… one of these days, I’ll get that husband of mine coaxed back into painting! 😉

  2. Yep! It’s been said already, but … of course, we are friends forever! More than that. You and Doodlewash are part of my daily life, which makes you part of my extended family of choice!

  3. Oh Charlie!!! Thank you for wishing us all to be friends forever! A big YES to that. And I love those baby elephants. They reminded me of the baby elephant I’d seen chasing butterflies. It was super sweet and hilarious at the same time. 🙂 Speaking of elephants, have you read about the elephant named Modoc? It’s a beautiful story. I hope you get to read it soon. Make sure you look up the cover of the book. It’s the most awesome!

    Love & Hugs,

    P. S. Guess what?! My family tested negative for covid this morning!!! Am still tired but am so glad it’s all behind us. 🙂

    1. YES from me as well, my friend! SO happy that we’ve become friends… forever!! 😃💕 And thrilled to know you and your family are all fine now (well tired, but Covid-free!! Yay!) And I haven’t read about Modoc, but I’ll put it on my reading list as that sounds amazing! much love to you!

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