For our prompt of “Costume” today, I thought about how fun it would be for two best friends to dress up as one another for Halloween. So, we have a little kitten and a beagle puppy doing just that as they head out for an evening of trick or treating. On their walk, they happen upon a rather meager pile of candy corn and now must face the ultimate test in any friendship. To share or not share a dessert. In this case, there’s not an equal number of candies so they’ll have to work out who gets that extra bite. I personally have no costume parties to attend this year, which is not particularly exceptional or due to the current times, it’s simply been that way for the past many years now. I don’t really miss them as coming up with a costume was way more fun when I was a kid. As an adult, playing dress up has just failed to hold the same allure. Indeed, my favorite part of parties was simply enjoying all of the treats!

Last night, Philippe and I enjoyed treats for his birthday. There was champagne, caviar, and blinis to start and then everything ended with a chocolate cake covered in brandied cherries. Philippe did insist on making dinner himself, which was a yummy potato leek soup. And there were little mini Toblerone chocolates that I added to one of his gifts as well. Yes, he did share a couple with me and they were delicious. They came in a wonderfully ridiculous pint glass that had “I Love My Basenji” etched on the side, so Phineas was properly represented. I adore the timing of Philippe’s birthday as it’s the first festive event of the autumn season. It makes me already excited for Christmas, but as many of you know, I get super excited during the month of December and should probably pace myself a bit in the days ahead.

Thinking back to childhood and trick or treating is always fun. I remember how excited I was for Halloween to arrive and to go galavanting around the neighborhood in search of treats. Indeed, since it was the 70’s, we kids were pretty much allowed to run wild in packs as though nothing could harm us. In truth, nothing ever did, and we were too busy trying to scare ourselves on purpose to be bothered with any real dangers. Crossing the path of other packs of children in costume was always fun. Some would be older or sometimes even little ones would be dressed as something truly terrifying. The effect wasn’t scary so much as bizarre, since it was just as likely the person with a dagger in their head was holding the hand of a little girl dressed as a ballerina. The odd menagerie of characters made the evening perfectly magical. I was never into gore or ballet at the time, and was tall for my age even then, so I just clomped through the streets dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars. I was too chubby to be a proper Han Solo. But those were beautiful times indeed, that yes, included many treats, but I mostly adored those precious moments spent with friends in costumes.

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20 thoughts on “Friends In Costumes

  1. The year I was 10 years old, we moved from a house in the country where we still had neighbors, to a house in the country where we didn’t have any. The night before we moved was my last trick or treat Halloween ever. I don’t remember ever dressing up after that except once in college when I was on a semester in Great Britain. I went as a statue with pieces of cotton stuck all over me representing pigeon poop. Lol. I thought I was pretty clever with that one!

  2. Back in my day, in my neighborhood, few people could afford to buy pre-made costumes. A few had mothers handy with the sewing machine and willing to create one. But most of us, instead of dressing as popular fictional characters, were create costumes from whatever we had on hand. It wasn’t always pretty, but it didn’t spur creativity. I discovered you could shape cool alien heads out of aluminum foil and spray painted styrofoam. It was more fun than the trick or treating itself!

  3. What a fabulous celebration dinner, Charlie! I love Phineas’s gift. I used to give my mother gifts from Monster. I once found a card that said, “Happy Birthday from the Dog.” I have a rubber stamp of a paw print that I used as Monster’s signature. haha Do you sign Phineas’s name on your Christmas cards? I always included Monster’s name. He had more friends than I did. 💜
    I was about 12 and my neighbor, who was like a (nice) mother to me, offered to dress me up as a witch in a costume that she had. She even did my makeup except that she didn’t make me up scary. She did my makeup like a normal girl/woman. Her daughter was younger than me and was the playmate that I never had as a kid. So, we set off to go trick or treating in the neighborhood. As we headed home, I lagged behind and as I crossed the street, a truck full of boys stopped right in front of me. There must’ve been about 10 boys in the back of the truck, chatting and laughing loudly. As I crossed the street behind the truck, they went completely silent. I panicked. Charlie, I already shared with you how toxic my home environment was. No positive affirmation at all. I was called fat, ugly, weird, stupid. I was so used to being made fun of that I cringed, waiting for this mob of boys to do the same. I hung my head and walked by. I heard one of the boys say, ” Whoa! She’s a witch! ” I kept walking. Then I heard another boy say, “Yeah, a PRETTY witch!” I then heard all of the boys say, ” Yeah, she’s pretty! ” They all watched me walk by. I smiled and walked a little taller. I knew then that I was changing into a young lady and it was the first time I was called pretty. And by a truck full of boys. That’s a sweet memory for me. A very rare happy memory from my childhood. One that still makes me smile. 😀

    1. Aww that’s such a wonderful memory indeed! 😃💕 What a lovely change and you deserved to get that unexpected surprise! Boys can be jerks in general at that age, so you must have been a very pretty witch indeed! 😉

      1. Not bad for a chubby girl. 😁 Charlie, I attract them young! And I mean young! My neighbor, who is exactly my age and a widow, squeals in excitement when I tell her that I get hit on by really young guys. She attracts old men so she says I have the better deal! haha haha Umm, no, thanks. I know Philippe is younger than you, but I mean super young and I am not a cougar. I don’t need people asking me if he’s my son and I need someone who understands my references. I need him to know who Tony Orlando is and can sing “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” with me. haha haha You know what I mean. I am still waiting for Mister Man. I have never had a boyfriend so I am tired of being alone and of waiting. All in God’s time. 💜 Hopefully 2021….

  4. Hello Charlie,

    I love today’s Doodlewash but can’t decide which bit I like most… the thought, the colors or the trick or treaters. 🙂 And I loved yesterday’s tiny unicorn too. I read that post just before I fell asleep, so I saw unicorns in my dreams. Thanks so much for that! And its lovely to know what a wonderful time you had at your cozy little celebration. Wish you so many more. 🙂


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