Certainly one of the most heard songs this time of year is Frosty the Snowman. It was first heard in 1950 when recorded by Gene Autry and was a written in hopes of getting another hit like the previous year’s Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Though not quite the chart-buster, as the #1 hit of Rudolph, it managed to make a respectable showing as #7 that year and promptly became a holiday classic. I actually prefer Frosty to the other song as I like the story better. There’s just something awesome about the idea of a snowman coming to life with just a special hat. But even better is that Frosty is kind of nuts! Despite the warm sun, he risks everything to have a little fun, wreaking havoc on the town square and disobeying traffic rules. Totally love the idea of letting an inner child run wild for a moment or two! It’s perfectly insane in the most joyous way and exactly the kind of magical snowman I’d like to get if I were lucky enough to find a hat like that one.

All that to say, the cartoon version of Frosty is rather cute, but in reality, what I imagine it, could be rather frightening. Snowmen have always looked a bit sweeter and more approachable in illustrated form. The real version, while fun to create, can quickly take on a rather ghostly and garish look. Bits of leaves and dirt that got rolled up into the ball and sunken eyes that got pushed a little too far inside with childish exuberance. Seeing one of those wander around the neighborhood could actually be more shocking than magical. I would hope that if a snowman were ever actually to spring to life, he would have the good sense to transform himself into a cartoon. Then it would be a bit like the original Pete’s Dragon and super cute, rather than something alarming. Although, never having seen a cartoon in real life, that might be just as alarming, but I’d be willing to risk it for the chance to meet him!

Each day, the clock ticks closer to the time when we get to open presents and enjoy a once-a-year meal of amazing things. Even without a magical snowman, I still get super excited this time of year. I adore giving gifts and it’s often so much fun, I forget to regard my own with the same enthusiasm. Luckily, Philippe is the same way. We have to open gifts one at a time and separately so the other can enjoy the reaction properly. The anticipation becomes something else entirely. I moment where you hope beyond hope that you chose correctly and have made the other person’s heart smile. It strikes me that as much as I love to receive gifts, what I remember most is watching Philippe open his each year. That’s the most amazing and wonderful time of all! An extraordinary moment when just the right elements come together to produce a little holiday joy, no less magical than that time those kids unexpectedly created Frosty the snowman.

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40 thoughts on “Frosty The Snowman

  1. You think snowmen made of snow can be frightening? Growing up in Phoenix we made “snowmen” from tumble weeds!

    Your snowman is particularly fetching in his top hat but I fear he will melt quite fast made of watercolor.

  2. Your snowman wouldn’t be scary at all, but I agree – I’d rather read or see movies about them than actually meet one. Do you do the whole 12 Days of Christmas? That way you’d be able to stretch the fun out for even longer.

  3. So much love for this post as it featured Frosty! He’s one extra special to me since I just taught my Grade 1 students to sing, dance and act this song for a Christmas show. And, Yes, I love the idea of Frosty’s recklessness to live the short moment of his life to the fullest. Got no regrets! 🙂

    Thank you, Charlie! 🙂

  4. Nice description of the reality of a snowman. The kids in our village made a snow dinosaur the other day, and someone pinned a “Well done” note on it. It had obviously made someone’s heart glad. It seemed somehow familiar and not at all frightening, and then I realised it reminded me of Dino in the Flintstones. Oh for youth again.

  5. We have a weird Xmas tradition that probably no one else has. One year my late mother-in-law (who always gifted generous checks) also gave our daughter.a pr. of really ugly earrings from a craft show at her retirement residence. They were truly ugly blue and brown feathers dangling 3″ from fake gem. My husband picked up on this and for the past 25 years one of her stocking gifts from him is an ugly pair of earrings (the uglier the better) encased in a beautiful rhinestone and gold clamshell that they actually don’t even fit into. As usual, she acts like she loves them and actually tries to wear them for a couple of hours until her earlobes hurt. They also have a package of thin mints, unopened but saved some 20+ years, that they alternate in each other’s stocking every year. Yes, my family put the fun in dysfunctional!

  6. He’s great, and doesn’t look at all frightening so you’ve done good! I wish it were snowy enough to be able to make one, scary or not. I kinda took part in this without realising (or drawing) as I kept hearing Frosty on the radio and watched The Snowman for the first time this year!! Woo!

  7. love that snowman,

    “Totally love the idea of letting an inner child run wild for a moment or two! It’s perfectly insane in the most joyous way and exactly the kind of magical snowman I’d like to get if I were lucky enough to find a hat like that one.”

    You wear that hat every time you pick up pen or brush!

  8. Your snowman is adorable! 😀 I’m still holding out hope we’ll get enough snow to make anything this year (miniature snowmen, at least). Usually it’s the wrong type of snow, and snowmen made from that are even more terrifying than ordinary melting snowmen.

  9. Your Christmas Eve tradition is so sweet and touching. While opening presents at my house is certainly enjoyable, it is still filled with our last young one ripping into her pile of presents and lots of squealing. 😆

  10. Interesting history behind that song which by the way, is one of my all time favorite christmas songs and if the old frosty the snowman movie is the one I’m thinking of, that was one I watched every single year during my childhood. I know what you mean though sometimes snowmen can look a bit daunting on television.

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