This winter has been unseasonably mild and although it was rather cold here today, there’s still no snow in the forecast. It’s only been officially winter for the past 8 days, but I always prefer snow early in the season. Getting a snowstorm on Valentine’s Day just doesn’t have the same festive feeling, but that’s far more likely. As a kid, getting snow early was the best thing in the world because it coincided with my winter break from school. I used to wish for snow all of the time so I could spend the day sledding. These days, when it snows, I rarely go out and play in it, preferring to admire it from the warmth of my home. It strikes me as funny that I would still long for snow in the same way, but no longer have the urge to run out of the house and jump into a pile of the stuff. My rational mind tells me that it will only leave me feeling cold and wet afterwards and so I now avoid it. Sometimes, my rational mind is total buzzkill. This year, I think I’ll be donning my boots and jumping in that snow, should it ever arrive here. Memories are wonderful, but sometimes it’s even better when you throw caution to the wind and just go ahead and become that child again.

In just a couple of weeks we’ll be heading back to Paris to visit Philippe’s side of the family. As ever, I’ve made no special preparations and will likely pack the night before we leave. It’s truly just a lovely family trip, though much farther away than when we visit my family in Texas. Our friends are oddly never envious when it comes to the Texas trip. And they should be as my family is quite fun! Though yes, Paris has been the setting of far more movies and does have a unique sense of magic and wonder. But, it rarely has snow, so it will most likely be a bit cold and rainy much of the time. Last year, our family there got a bit of snow and it was so much fun to see photos and videos of our niece, Alice, playing in it. Though much of my artwork is meant to evoke nostalgia, there’s no better way to be reminded of childhood than viewing an actual child enjoying the experience. Each little glimpse into that beautiful world is a gift for me. I study each reaction like one studies a class on painting to reconnect with that perfectly wondrous way of seeing the world. And as much as I think I live life with the spirit of my youth, I’m reminded that I’ve still much to relearn.

Since I’m the maker of regular challenges, I would like to issue another one in the coming year. If you’re reading this, I challenge you to not just think as a child might, but actually DO something only a child would. Something so silly and unexpected that your adult brain will chastise you every moment of the way, telling you to stop this nonsense immediately! I like to think my adult side as Mary Poppins. A seemingly strict voice that secretly wants me to play and get the most out of life. After all, the best way to get a child to do anything is to tell them that they shouldn’t do it. That’s why when I access my inner child, I get perfectly petulant and then say, “Oh yeah, I’ll take that dare!” It’s truly the most amazing mindset to have when it comes to creating art. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to create something new. There have been hundreds of days for me now on this journey where I’ve simply wanted to give up and worried that what I was making simply wasn’t good enough. That it was silly and simple and nobody would care. But, no matter what, a handful of people always do care. And that’s more than enough to cheer me on! When you adopt the spirit of a child, you don’t need as much validation. Just a chance to truly take a chance and go running into a winter day and have some fun in the snow.

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Day 29 - Wooden Sled Winter Watercolor - Sketchbook Detail - Doodlewash

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22 thoughts on “Fun In The Snow

  1. Love all of my snow related memories but glad that I don’t have to deal with the white stuff anymore. Enjoyed a bit of the white stuff briefly on a visit to NY last year and enjoyed watching it drift to the ground and enjoyed watching it melt. 🙂

  2. For every thing there is a season, and I think being like a child should be in season year round! I’m ready to jump on your beautiful sled and go sliding into fun. Except for being afraid of snow, lol. If it would just stay on the lawns and the mountains and stuff and stay off the roads, I’d love it.

  3. One of the gifts that becoming a grandmother has given me…the ability to share childish delight with a child, just like a child. Fully participating whether it is stomping in rain puddles, collecting bugs, blowing dandelions or jumping into a pile of snow. Benjamin and I are filled with the delightful anticipation for the snow that will surely come, the snowmen that we will build and the fun that we will share on a sled just like yours! Thank-you!

    1. First… let it be said that grandparents are just the most awesome people on the planet! 😃💕 hehe… thanks, Ellie! And much love to you and Benjamin… I’m totally jealous of all of the wonderful adventures to two of you have in ahead!

  4. I always loved a big snow! A day off school to read in bed, maybe a fort built in the snow drifts. And following tracks. I loved finding odd tracks in the snow. I never saw the critters I was tracking but the possibility kept me on my toes.

  5. Nice to become a child daily ,gives a good feelings . but snow ,no i don’t want to Go out.i am cozy life living person .Here no snis fall but the Himalayan rainge saroundings so the cold wind keep us
    In side the house. Oh i don’t like cold weather. going Paris is good to enjoy with the family. Thanks lie.

  6. I absolutely love:

    Charlie says, “My rational mind tells me that (playing in the snow) will only leave me feeling cold and wet afterwards and so I now avoid it. Sometimes, my rational mind is total buzzkill.”

    and of course this one is equally grand:

    Charlie says, “When you adopt the spirit of a child, you don’t need as much validation. Just a chance to truly take a chance and go running into a winter day and have some fun in the snow.”

    The 29th was my birthday. It was a happy lively day and I was going to go to bed early. Ha….It was all fun but no part more so than the sled ride I enjoyed vicariously through your painting. Thank you!

  7. I have not been sledding in many years and somehow I don’t think I would enjoy it as much. Flying down a hill on a somewhat uncontrollable sled, (like your perfect example) just doesn’t sound fun to me. Tee hee! Reliving your childhood through your own child is one of the wonderful things about having children. I don’t know how many loads of clothes I would have to dry on a snow day when my son was young. I am grateful that I knew it wouldn’t last long and let him take control of the whole snow day! Wonderful memories. Oh and challenge accepted…..I am the one that received a Snow White Barbie for Christmas. 😉

    1. hehe!! Yay for your Snow White Barbie!! That’s awesome! And, of course, I still cheer you full on for having ripped it out of its packing like a true child! 😉 😃💕 I hope you have a perfectly fabulous 2019, my friend!

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