For our prompt of “Tractor” today, I made a little sketch of a pig driving one. Actually, since I only post on Tuesdays now, I had started this sketch for last week’s prompt of “Farm.” I then noticed that Tractor was coming up next so I switched things up a bit. I used to spend summers on my grandparent’s farm and I realize now that I was never allowed to actually drive the tractor. I did help my grandfather with bailing hay once, which was grueling on a hot day and not something I’d ever likely do again. The only good thing I can remember from the experience was the little snack of celery and peanut butter that my grandmother made for me. I was lanky and lacked the strength required to be of much use, but my grandfather wanted to teach me anyway. I think he just wanted to share what he did as I was normally following my grandmother around taking care of the animals instead. It was certainly an interesting experience and I did learn a lot, though I mostly learned that my farming skills are practically nonexistent.

I’ve always loved trying new things, even things that I already know I’m not likely to do well. When my grandfather mentioned that my cousin and I were going to help him that day, I was a bit nervous. I knew I wasn’t particularly strong or hardy as some of the other boys who loved sports. I would rather run and play with the animals and then spend some time under a shade tree reading a book. I did my level best, but I still wasn’t invited to participate in that particular farm chore ever again. I only felt relief as it was not at all something I would have chosen to do. Yet, I’m still glad for the experience. I think any time we can try something well outside of a comfort zone, it’s a worthy endeavor. That’s the best way to understand ourselves, and sometimes, that involves learning about things we’re not particularly adept at doing.

That said, the only reason I didn’t try bailing hay again was that I didn’t enjoy it at all. There are many things I’ve done poorly that I still enjoyed. Those are the things that I kept trying, as it’s perfectly impossible to avoid improvement when you actually practice something. Yet, it’s always been equally impossible to practice something I don’t really enjoy doing. I tried various sports when I was younger, only to discover I had no fun at all. And, that’s okay! I didn’t have to be like the other boys or do things that other people were doing. I could find my own path to happiness. I had a lot of fun growing older and I’m still having fun as I get older still. I’m still not really growing up, of course. Yet, as an adult, I do tend to skip doing things I’ve already tried and disliked and focus on trying something new. There’s always something new to discover and learn, whether I’m exploring a new shop in the city or having some fun on the farm!

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19 thoughts on “Fun On The Farm

  1. Charlie, your stories and sweet memories about your grandparents always make my heart smile. I didn’t really have grandparents per se. I mean, they existed, but never really wanted or had much to do with me. I didn’t get grandma hugs or “spoiled by grandma” moments.Try as I might, indifference is what I got. Now, my great aunt (my maternal grandmother’s sister) came from Mexico to be present at my birth. She was the first one to see me after I was born as my father was out getting money at the bank to pay for the hospital stay. You do that AFTER the baby is born, dummy! 😂😂 She gave permission via a translator for a specialist to see me since I was breach. Most importantly, she had the final say in choosing my name. Marisela. Unique, different, uncommon, is what she said about the name Marisela. In many ways, unbeknownst to her, she was describing me. 😂😂😂
    Because of who named me, my name was sacred. I grew up very protective of my name. I am still fiercely protective of it. Tia Aurora is gone now. She passed many years ago back in 1992. I was 22, I believe. Funny thing, she didn’t know that we were on the way to go see her. She was not doing well with chemo for breast cancer. The early morning that we got there, she sat up and said, “I knew you were on your way. I knew you would arrive this morning. My heart told me that you were coming. I was waiting for you all night and, now that I saw you, I can go now.” An hour later, she slipped away into Eternity.
    So, I didn’t have the traditional sense of a grandparent, but who I did have was lovely. She made fabulous flour tortillas and a mean banana shake! I still think about those shakes. 😂😂😂
    Your painting is sweet, Charlie, as are you. You had such lovely grandparents. 💜💜💜 I’m doing better, Charlie, thank God. I will message you more later. Big hugs!

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 That’s such a beautiful story and what a wonderful gift she was to you (including your lovely name!). Now you’ve got me wanting a banana shake… hehe… those were always my favorite as a kid! Glad you’re doing better! Much love to you!! ❤️

  2. Passion really does drive practice. Of course, if you were dependent on something for a living that helps too, but it doesn’t make for happiness that way. I’m with you on sports. I’ve never been interested in them. However, my grandpa used to listen to baseball games on the radio, and to this day I find it like a kind of music. I don’t actually listen to what’s going on. It’s just the sound of the announcer and the crowd and the ongoing game that I find relaxing.

    1. Yeah, I think passion is definitely the best driver, but not always easy to maintain. And yeah, I do think sports background noise can be interesting… as long as I’m not forced to actually sit and watch! hehe 😉

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