For Day 7 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Lemon,” I thought about biting into a lemon and this little pup became my model. I’m rather sure this poor pup was hoping for a different treat. I have to admit to giggling when I see little kids trying a food that’s not what they were expecting for the first time. Their little faces like up with the shock of recognition that something isn’t quite what they wanted. It’s cute, and also just part of those little lessons that we all end up learning both as a child and throughout our entire lives. It always seems that when I think I’ve gotten life figured out, something comes along to though all of that confidence into question. Yet, I think that’s all part of the fun! If I actually had everything figured out, then life would be boring and devoid of the wonderful surprises that make it so infinitely intriguing. It’s my curiosity that keeps me coming back each day. And, my giggles and optimism that get me through even some of the more unpleasant surprises that life can bring.

When I was growing up, humor was a central part of my family life. We found the funny in literally everything that happened along the way. Even arguments that would start up between family members would often devolve into laughter in the end. And yes, even funerals would be filled with laughter and joyful remembrances of those we loved who were no longer with us. I think that’s why I have such fond memories of childhood. Equally, it’s why I’ve had such a fun adulthood as well. I’ve just never been able to take life very seriously. When I step back to look at things, the absurdity of it all becomes so apparent that I can’t help but giggle. I’m fully aware that there are very serious folks in the world, and when those types of people have met me, we’ve not gotten along very well. It’s like talking to an alien from outer space. Or, how I would imagine it, at least. There’s a basic understanding, but beyond that, it’s all just a lot of confusion.

Philippe and I spend our entire even cracking jokes with one another. And, will sometimes just glance at each other with a raised eyebrow, without having to say the words at all. Then we’ll start laughing. It’s pure joy! To me, life is all about finding the fun. It’s not always apparent, and sometimes it can seem like there’s nothing but doom, gloom, and stress everywhere. But, when you look a bit closer, there’s always something silly there to focus upon. That’s really the trick I always use. Rather than worry over whatever obvious issue I’m facing, I look for the nonsensical bits that are always there to be found. And, then I simply center my attention on that! This results in a feeling of ease that escalates to joy and quickly to complete amusement. So, I’ve always felt that life never seems to bring me unsolvable problems, just a lot of funny surprises!

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Dog Eating A Lemon Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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17 thoughts on “Funny Surprises

  1. Oh Charlie I laughed out loud when I saw this one – absolutely delightful!! I so agree with you. Laughter is the way to go and it is so wonderful hearing that there is someone like me. People in my life over here are used to me but they think I’m a bit daft. When you mentioned funerals it took back to a time when a girlfriend of mine passed – her daughter was also a friend of mine. The girlfriend who passed had two 14 year old boys as well and we were sitting at the front by the casket with Ichabod Crane and his wife standing by (that is exactly who they looked like). But the twins, her daughter and myself all thought – at the same time, what if the ceiling collapsed and all the bodies feel down – for some reason that struck us as hilariously funny at the time and Ichabod Crane was NOT amused! Anyway those young boys were my last friends who had the same bizarre sense of humour that I have (other than my beautiful sister who just passed last year). Most people find me a little hard to take because I am just a big kid and I do find a silver lining in almost everything. Like you, I don’t understand the serious folk in the world so there are very few that I like to be around because – exactly like you said, it causes confusion and I don’t really know how to act. I am so so happy that you and Philippe have that type of rapport that you can look at each other and laugh. <3

    1. Oh Zoie!!!! You are a kindred spirit! So fun to read your comment! To me life is too short to live any other way!

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
    2. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 Glad I made ya laugh! That’s an awesome story! I would have laughed right along with you. Take that, Ichabod! lol Yeah, I don’t understand how people can take life or death so seriously… it’s like they’re not paying close attention. If they were, they’d see what we see… and just… well… laugh! hehe Much love to you, my friend! ❤️

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
  2. Hey Charlie! This pooch actually made me laugh a loud with that lemon wedge promptly stuck inside his mouth! Hard to tell if he loves it or not. Ha! Good one, just had to stop by, tell ya so. Have a lovely weekend with your little family.

  3. I have seen the odd youtube, or was it a FB reel with people giving their pets or kids a slice of lemon to see the reaction. This was very creative I must say.

  4. I come from a family that always joked around and one of the hardest lessons was learning that not everyone did. I don’t enjoy being around someone who doesn’t appreciate a joke and usually just try not to speak when around them because I inevitably forget and make a joke that sets them off. Life’s too short to stifle your sense of humor!

    1. Yeah, I truly don’t get it. But, thankfully, I simply make a great sense of humor a requirement for spending any time with people. I avoid anyone who’s too serious… no point in wasting my time on them! 😉

  5. Poor doggy. What a shock to the system! 😂😂😂 I think sometimes humor and laughter are just necessary. You know my journey and my recent exploits. I try to focus on the better days to come. I think on the happy days that are on their way. Joyous occasions, new friends, new people, knowing that the dark, painful days are over and behind me. It’s painful to come back to reality sometimes, but I try to keep my faith and dream the beautiful dream that the Lord has promised me. Maybe it’s closer than I think it is. Who knows? In the blink of an eye, the storm clouds will part and sunshine will breakthrough. I see a lot of laughter and joy in my future. 💜 Hopefully, Mister Man, too. 😂😂😂

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Yeah, I think laughter and humor are required to get through this life. And with a little hope and a sense of fun, there’s always a bit of sunshine there no matter what. Even if life throws a lot of bad stuff your way, there’s always that little bit of something happy there that makes it worth it! Much love to you! ❤️

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