When it comes to thinking about a prompt of “Texture,” the second of our optional World Watercolor Month prompts, I always think of furry and fluffy things since I like to sketch and paint animals. These more open-ended prompts are really fun because my mind goes in so many different directions at once. Well, it sort of does that all of the time really. When it eventually lands, the result often surprises me. So, how I ended up with a llama is anyone’s guess, but I do like the colorful attire. I always think that when animals are dressed up like this they must know they look rather cool, even though they didn’t dress themselves, which would be even cooler. I think this bright and colorful look suits llamas well, because they are known to spit to express their displeasure. So, subtlety really isn’t their thing. My attire is much more demure in color, so I’m expressed with their daring fashion sense. And, mostly, it’s just a lovely chance to play with lots of textures and colors!
I was off work today from my day job so I got to spend a little bit of time just relaxing on the couch with my dog Phineas. At first it seemed like he was snuggling up next to me and enjoying it, but every so often he would suddenly look up as if to say, “you’re still here?” In those moments, he seemed a bit disgruntled like I was cramping his style. Thankfully, he never spits in my face, but he does make an impressive sneeze to show his displeasure that can sometimes create a light mist. I think he mostly enjoyed the extra bit of snuggle time though. He’s been really lazy lately and will just stare at Philippe when he tries to take him out for a walk. I have to admire this level of olympic laziness as it really seems like he’s cornered the market on contentedness. I’ve had so much to do lately that everything seems to be zooming by in a blur. It was great to experience his way to live, even if just for a few minutes.

While I don’t generally feel stress, I can get a bit overwhelmed. The start of World Watercolor Month is so exciting that I’m a like a little kid again and wanting to see everyone’s work as it appears! But then I have to do grownup things to make it all happen, of course, so I have to stay a bit focused. But wow… awesome watercolor work out there! Keep those beautiful paintings coming by adding that #WorldWatercolorMonth hashtag! Oh, and there are international giveaways happening all month! So many, in fact, that you might miss one of my announcements, so now might be a good time to bookmark this page and visit it often! But, most of all, if you’re jumping in to paint with watercolor this month, remember to have a blast! This is just about making a little something each day and enjoying the fun and positive feelings that come from creating something new. For my part, I’m kind of in the mood to paint animals so you just might see a few more furry and fluffy things.

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Llama Head Eyes Colorful Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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31 thoughts on “Furry And Fluffy Things

  1. I’m getting to see some of the fabulous work out there, but with hubby home my internet time has been less than usual. I’ll be sad to see him heading back to work, but glad to have time to go look at more artwork! There’s always gold among the dross!

  2. Two down plus #3 started because it’s one of those paint and dry and paint and dry pieces. My friend used to keep llamas. We went to a llama farm together once to learn how to shear them. It was a lot of fun. She had a grandson who wanted to earn some extra money, so she had him shovel llama manure into bags then sell it to local gardeners. It was great fertilizer because the grain that they eat is so digested that their poop doesn’t have any weed seeds in it. That’s your fun fact for the day. Feel free to tell Philippe, because I’m sure he would want to know!😂😂😂

  3. Hello Charlie,

    That’s such a cute llama and he sure does look like he’s very happy with his attire. 🙂 It’s always wonderful to see your sketches first thing in the morning – they make my whole day happy. Thank you!


  4. Oh my gosh! He made me smile! That’s what “texture” looks like. 😉 When I read the prompts earlier, this texture one really dumbfounded me. To the point I could not think of anything and wondering if I would even participate this month. I decided the evening of the 1st, that I would just do my own thing. I don’t need anymore stress in my life right now. Lol

  5. I love love love your llama. It’s gorgeous. And it brings back memories of riding through the Andes on our motorbikes. You always had to keep an eye out for them. They could run away in one direction, then suddenly change their mind and jump right in front of you…

  6. awwwwwww, I love her (?) so much, Charlie 😍😘. She’s beautiful and charming. This watercolor month is amazing, I’ve told myself : “hey, Loan, though you could not join everyday, but that’s really fun and full of passions, diving in there as much as you can”

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