For our prompt of “Pets” today, I sketched a kitten and a puppy snuggled up together. Baby animals are just the cutest, so I’ll take any opportunity I can to sketch them. Even though my own dog Phineas is no longer a puppy, he still acts like a big baby most of the time. And, Philippe and I still treat him like he’s our baby, because he’s the only type of baby we’re ever going to have. I’ve always had a pet of some kind my entire life. Whether it was a little hamster, a fish, or a dog, I’ve always had an animal companion. I really can’t imagine life without one. My dog is a basenji and he has a personality that’s a bit more aloof, like a cat. He’s typically off on his own doing things and then will grace us with his presence, usually just at mealtimes. Phineas has a new cushion that Philippe bought for him and it’s crazy soft. He will barely get out of it to go for a walk now. But, I still like to snuggle up next to Phineas in his little cushion whenever I can.

Sometimes, Phineas will move his head and snuggle closer to me. Other times, he’ll look at me like he’s waiting for me to leave and go doing something, anything else already. And, he’s probably a bit miffed that I didn’t sketch him for today’s post. But, I’ve sketched him lots of times before, and I’ve currently been practicing beagles as you might have noticed. I have a horrible tendency to jump around and never sketch the same thing in a row, which is not a good idea when it comes to getting actual practice. So, I’m all about beagles, as well as tabby cats, at the moment, so I can focus a bit on sketching a few specific animals. Though they’ll appear in very different ways of course to keep things interesting. I’ve always adored beagles and tabby cats, but can’t have the latter since I’m allergic, so I like to dream. I think the beagle fetish comes from Snoopy, but at any rate, I’ve always loved them. Don’t tell Phineas that, of course.

Phineas is now entering what Philippe and I call his “mature” puppy years. What that really means is that he’s in the last few years of his life, and since dogs seem to age so quickly and anything can happen, we’ve no idea how much more time we’ll have with him. But, as I look into his little brown eyes, still alert and excited with life, I’m happy knowing that he’s not ready to go anywhere just yet. At the moment, he’s watching Philippe cook gumbo for dinner. Phineas has this intense gaze as if he’s actually trying to learn all of the steps required to make it. In truth, he just smells the sausage and is ticked off that he’s not getting any of it. Yes, there it is. Now that I look a little more closely, there’s that definitive glare. Phineas is not pleased with this situation and hopes that it will corrected soon. If you look directly at him at this point, he’ll quickly switch the glare to puppy dog eyes. He knows that gets him a better reaction in the end. Works every time. The heavens part and the sun shines right into my heart. It’s just that mysterious and beautiful power that always comes from furry babies.

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30 thoughts on “Furry Babies

  1. Beautifully done Charlie! Beagles are so lovely unless they are very verbal. That hound sound in some I’ve known can be loud. I mention this I guess to myself as I debate if I want a dog and what type that might be. Babies are adorable!

  2. I read an article recently that claimed scientists have determined that ‘puppy dog eyes’ cause the same hormonal bonding response that people feel when looking into a human baby’s eyes – for both the human and the dog. They also claimed that dogs deliberately use the look because they learn it will get them what they want, as often as not.

  3. We had a few beagles when I was little. I think maybe they were for rabbit hunting, but I’m not sure. All I remember is puppies and how they smelled of milk breath and fresh straw. They could really howl up a storm when they got older. All your dog and puppy pictures make me want one. If it wasn’t for elderly cats, I could easily be convinced.

  4. Oh, those fur babies. We bought Monster a brand new bed at Sam’s Club. It was big and comfy. I gave him a bath and placed a clean towel in his bed. We couldn’t get him out of bed for a week!! He didn’t want to eat or go potty. Nothing. I miss my little boy. 🐕
    One day, if I ever get another dog, I will get a beagle. I watch Oliver the Beagle on YouTube. He is so cute. I did learn some things, though, that I thought were only Monster traits. Oliver loves dryer sheets, he hates baths, ear cleaning, nail clipping, rain, wet patas (paws), potty trips in the rain, and hugging! I thought it was only Monster! 💜

    1. Aww yes!! Those fur babies are the best! 😃💕 Monster sounds like a wonderful one, and I agree, I’m totally intrigued by beagles now! They are so cute! But, I’m super happy to have our crazy little basenji at the moment, of course!

      1. haha I keep sending you to YouTube, but if you ever get a chance, pull up Oliver the Beagle. He is the picture of what a beagle is: his body, his fur color, those EARS! haha He is so cute. The videos of him as a baby are adorable! When he stretches in his bed, he looks like Snoopy when Snoopy would run. I watch him because I remember my love. 💜 My Monster was a lemon beagle. All beige with a little white. 💜 Aww, Phineas is your little boy. He’s YOUR owner, though! haha haha

  5. Oh Charlie…you make the cutest, sweetest darn animals that always tug at my heart strings. Just wanted to say thank you and have a nice day.

  6. Hello Charlie,

    I missed our little Doodlewash chat for the past two days. I never realized how important a part of my life it has become. The furry babies you’ve sketched are adorable! I like babies of all kinds too. I somehow have always believed and continue to believe that babies have magic in them. No matter what is happening in your life, when you hold a baby – human or furry – things instantly get better. And dont worry about Phineas going into his mature years. You never know… he may live to make the record of being the oldest puppy in the world at 50. 😉 I know it doesnt sound logical but then hope and magic don’t rely on logic.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Aww… I love our chats! It’s such a wonderful part of my day as well! And I adore the idea of Phineas being the oldest puppy in the world. Thank you for that. You’re so right, true magic doesn’t rely on logic! 😉

  7. They are so sweet. That little kitty looks a little annoye with that puppy. The puppy is encroaching in his space and he doesn’t like it! Love it!

  8. absolutely adorable, and I equally love the little updates on Phineas. I’m in my mature puppy years too, and reading of Phieas’ reactions to his Dads just makes my eyes sparkle also. Many thanks for the joys you share!

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