Gail Juszczak Watercolor Painting of Flamingo

GUEST ARTIST: “Adventures With Color” by Gail Juszczak

My name is Gail Juszczak and I live in Southern Wisconsin. I have a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I was interested in art in high school and found that was my place of comfort and joy. I found peace and also discovered personal confidence and relaxation drawing. My love for art and wanting to share my passion for creative expression led me to become an art teacher.

During graduate school in Architecture, I grew to love watercolor painting. I began to experiment with watercolor washes for my assigned Architectural assignments. From that, I gained more interest and some knowledge of the medium. I always loved nature, gardening and plants and started using my photographs as inspiration to create watercolor paintings. I usually painted at home from the photos and still do using my photographs as inspiration for my paintings.

​After working with plants and nature for years, I decided to experiment with other subjects that interested me. A friend of mine, who has been a painter all of her life, hosted a watercolor class that inspired me to look more closely at things unseen and focus on design and color. My series of striped painting resulted with this influence. This class continues to influence my work today.

Now that I am a retired teacher, I have the time to travel and work more intensely on my painting. I have gone through many changes during my painting and am sure I will continue to change with life’s changes. I feel that each of my paintings contain a unique story. I enjoy sharing those stories with others.

water lilly watercolor Painting by Gail Juszczak

I continue to find joy and satisfaction working with watercolors and am proud to be a member of Lake Mills Arts Alliance and Wisconsin Watercolor Society. I have had my work at multiple shows locally, in various places in Wisconsin and at Watercolor USA in 2018.

I love to paint images that have depth. Use of perspective, shadow, layers of color, and both wet on wet paint mixed with clear and bright edges often helps me to complete this illusion. I usually draw lightly for my sketches and leave very little sketch left when the painting is complete. I almost always use Arches cold press 300 pound paper. Red sable brushes are my favorite choice as they hold paint well and last a long time. I often use Da Vinci for my brushes. Quality watercolor paints are also important to quality paintings and I use Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors or Winsor & Newton. I am grateful to have friends and family who support my artistic focus.

Zebras watercolor Painting by Gail Juszczak

Thank you to Doodlewash for the opportunity to share my work and thank you everyone for taking time to read my story! I would love to answer any questions you have or hear your comments, and please do keep in touch at the links below!

Gail Juszczak

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32 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Adventures With Color” by Gail Juszczak

  1. I had to nod when you mentioned “…wet on wet paint mixed with clear and bright edges..”, because it was the first thing I noticed in your work, along with the spot-on control of your values. Your art is stunning! Thank you for sharing your artistic experience with us.

  2. Gail, your paintings are lovely and so unique! I’m a very new watercolorist, Arches 300# is my favorite also. The softer painting with the branch was my favorite. Do you have a typical size you work with? How long do you spend on a painting on average? Do you paint plein air very often? Do you prefer photographs? Sorry to bombard you with questions, but I try to learn from every artist and your work with stripes was so unusual. Do you have a favorite genre? I noticed textiles, animals, nature–all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your incredible paintings and story with us!

    Fanna Turano
    Denver, CO

    1. Thanks for your interest. I often work rather large, usually larger than 12×18″. Time also varies widely depending on level of detail, size and if I really am enjoying the piece. I respect the plen air painters but find that it does not work well for me as I spend too much time on a piece so do use photographs. I have many interests and so my work reflects that. I recently did a painting of my husband which I think turned out well. If you would like to see more please check out my website. It also includes sizes. Or feel free to ask more!

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