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    Prashant Maru posted an update
    There\'s a lil bluebird in my heart 💙 A lil watercolors on Chinese A4 Block Fantasia Painting(286)
    Samantha Martin posted an update
    Fluffy white cat green and one blue eye watercolor painting klklk
    Sandra Gilbert posted a new activity comment
    Sandra Gilbert posted an update
    Day 83 & 84... didn\'t get posted. Nope I didn\'t break the painting streak, 84 days and counting. But I did space off posting Day 83. But since Day 83 and 84 go together that\'s okay. Day 83 was supposed to be one of those loose flowers that Angela Fehr is known for. I am fascinated by her paintings and watching her paint. But somehow that fascination just doesn\'t flow through into my paintings. My loose flower at one point looked like an alien angel, which actually cracked me up. Then it went to seriously hot mess that didn\'t look like anything. So I sprayed water on it and some plastic wrap and went to bed. Good thing I remembered to take a photo, because last night I decided to try the negative painting techniques that Angela Fehr demonstrates in a lot of her videos. The strange abstract painting had some nice shapes in it so I thought this would be fun. It was fun, lots of fun, butnow the painting looks nothing like the underlying shapes. In fact I\'m not really sure quite what happened here, but this painting amuses me to no end. 20170922_161909
    Antonio David Gil posted an update
    I enjoyed painting this work and it was not complicated. ventanaespejo
    Antonio David Gil posted an update
    It was a hard work for me, one of my first watercolours, but I like it now. ventanaconflores
    Antonio David Gil posted an update
    My copy of a beautiful watercolour of Peter Sheeler. flores
    Terhi Kalliola posted an update
    Impressed by Vogelkop Bowerbirds. Unfortunately I have never seen them in real life. This is a sketching from a documentary. 21765512_1239033546200715_3111694723859635480_o
    Paula Langford posted an update
    Charles Ray posted an update
    \"Autumn\'s first garden\" #worldwatercolorgroup #Charlesray #garden #jardin Autumn's first gardens I
    SnehLata Maheshwari posted an update
    A prompt work. IMG_20170923_180621065
    Thomas Blanchard posted an update
    Testing paper and practicing for #InkTober ! Stonehenge Aqua Cold Press with loose painting of some green and blue M. Graham paints then finding my doodle in the resulting shapes. #worldwatercolorgroup #tdbdraw IMG_3308
    Jennifer McLean posted an update
    I want you to be as happy as a seagull with a chip! blog post up here. Seagull Final
    Ann Snuggs posted an update
    As always, my computer and I are in battle. Big reason that I do very little online connecting. I\'m old-fashioned and just starting to get the hang of even holding a watercolor brush. Here\'s what I stayed up late and working on last night. Should I say this morning? ss watercolor clown fish
    Prashant Maru posted an update
    Go on little bird, take flight ! Watercolours essence ( A4 Indian Handmade block ) fotor_(155)
    Teri C posted an update
    I\'m liking these two days of related sketches in my Hobonichi planner. While sitting at the lake last evening, the seagulls were busy enjoying the night and I was enjoying the show. Haiku: \'Black marks in the sky Birds flying and swooping high Evening ritual\' And \'It\'s mob action I fly, you fly, we all fly It\'s sky ballet\' IMG_6198
    Samantha Martin posted an update
    Red cardinal bird watercolor aceo painting IMG_20170921_0002
    Thomas Blanchard posted an update
    Still testing Strathmore Aquarius II Paper - 8” X 10” Watercolor #worldwatercolorgroup #tdbdraw IMG_3298
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