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    Darina Valášková posted an update
    Challenge 21. februar - squirrel - sketch IMG_20180222_102920
    Ann Hyde posted an update
    Day 22 Leaves #WorldWatercolorGroup AB3FD028-8700-48D0-B513-F5657ADD3E50
    Ann Snuggs posted an update
    This time I almost couldn’t get on Doodlewash at all. Here are the pine cones that should have been for yesterday. I grew up in pine forests. I love them. 38AC429F-235A-4C35-8A3B-CDDE449ACDAE
    Anita Sinha posted an update
    #Day19 #Frogs #Malabar gliding frog #Februaryartchallenge2018 #Doodlewash #worldwatercolorgroup Malabar Gliding Frog
    Anita Sinha posted an update
    #Day18 #River #Two boats on the river #Februaryartchallenge2018 #Doodlewash #Worldwatercolorgroup River
    Anita Sinha posted an update
    #Day16 #Tree #Purple flower tree #Februaryartchallenge2018 #Doodlewash #Worldwatercolorgroup Tree
    Anita Sinha posted an update
    #Day17 #Mushrooms #Fly agaric mushroom is poisonous if eaten #Februaryartchallenge2018 #Doodlewash #Worldwatercolorgroup Mushrooms
    Anita Sinha posted an update
    #Day15 #Ladybug #Februaryartchallenge2018 #Doodlewash #Worldwatercolorgroup Lady bug
    Jennifer McLean posted a new activity comment
    I agree with Sandra, I was thinking Terre Verte too. It\'s a light warm shade but never gets rich or deep. Winsor and newton make a terre verte that looks similar. terre verte watercolor - Google Search-1
    Teri Casper posted a new activity comment
    The lower right pan is the blob of green that is a mystery. D57E7323-BEBA-4FDC-AF51-0B6BAF0C1A27
    Sandra Strait posted an update
    The British Red Squirrel, despite its name, comes in various colors according to the season and the location. They are the only squirrel native to the U.K. and are endangered by the invasion of the grey squirrel. Zebra Pen Zensations Technical Pen & Schmincke Watercolor on a Hahnemühle Watercolor Postcard. Adapted from a photo on Pixabay- British Red Squirrel-Zensations Technical Pen, Schmincke Watercolor on a Hahnemühle Cezanne 140 HP
    Teri Casper posted an update
    Walking is not only good exercise there is always so much to see and enjoy. I’ve been looking at this pretty vase in front of a house and thinking I should really paint it and I finally did. Haiku: Green vase, purple blooms I pass it each day walking It’s neighborly love Schmincke watercolors on Arches 140# CP paper in my sketchbook. That green color (not Schmincke) is my mystery color; it’s been in my palette for a long time but I have no tube of paint to identify it. I even took it to the art store and they had no idea. Too bad because I like it and it was the exact color of that vase. 2FAEB5A2-C697-4D53-B2E3-DA0CBCB26645
    Lynn Holabird posted an update
    Two squirrels... 20180221_141518
    Ann Snuggs posted an update
    Oops! He’s sideways. I got confused and tried a squirrel yesterday then it wouldn’t load on my phone last night. I’ll try a pine cone later today and use my tablet. image
    jskunstweven posted an update
    I made this drawing with two patterns on a watercolour background. In the end i kept seeing a nimph in the drawing. Do you see it too? phicopsandhuggins
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