For Day Nineteen of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Tickle,” we have a little giggling kitten. When I was a kid, being tickled was silly fun and even the threat of being tickled would send me into fits of screams and laughter. There was often the occasional person who wasn’t ticklish at all, but I’ve not idea what that’s like. I’m quite ticklish even today. My mother always talked about getting tickled to refer to something that was kind of humorous. Most often, this happened to both she and I in situations where nobody else could see the humor. Thankfully we had each other so it didn’t really matter too much if everyone else just stared at us blankly. Indeed, there are some situations which are deemed serious and laughter is frowned upon. I’ve always had trouble with serious things, like work meetings, and being able to contain my giggles. Life is absurd, and to ignore the absurdity and keep a straight face has always been a huge challenge for me. My inner child can see the funny in just about everything. And he just wants to giggle his way through life!

This approach has really served me well throughout life, save the stern looks I might receive in meetings. When my dad passed away several years ago, my family spent just a few minutes exchanging somber hugs before sharing wonderfully funny stories about him. We ended up laughing so much that we felt happy again. Happy to have had those wonderful moments in the first place. Nothing ever really lasts forever in the way we know it, but nothing wonderful ever disappears when we hold on to those memories. And yes, memories have the luxury of being selective so we can always keep the best ones and lose the rest. I often spend time thinking about funny things that have happened in the past, especially when the present gets a bit stressful. And, of course, Philippe and I joke around all of the time, which always keeps life positive and fun.

Our dog Phineas isn’t really ticklish and usually has a rather somber expression. The only time he manages something like a smile is when he’s panting on a long summer walk. That’s why Philippe and I make up all of the jokes for him. In our imagination, he thinks he’s quite funny and an ace when it comes to humor. Philippe and I have been together for more than a decade now and I think that finding the funny in life is definitely the secret that keeps us together. I’ve learned that there’s more than a silver lining to be found in even the worst moments. There’s often something ironic or odd or just plain ludicrous that warrants a bit of a giggle. Sure, it’s also my insatiable optimism at play as well, but I think we all have the power to make the world a better place. Each time we laugh I think it sends a ripple of cheer that extends much farther than we know at the time. And, given a choice, I’ll always choose happy. That’s why, in just about any situation, you’re still very likely to find me getting tickled.

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Kitten Cat Being Tickled On Back Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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20 thoughts on “Getting Tickled

  1. I’ve always had an odd sense of humor, partly because my brain is stuffed full of useless information. Like someone would say something about bees and I’d make a Sherlock Holmes joke. It would seem an obvious connection to me.

  2. Yes Charlie I know. I find humour in almost every situation and even found a funny at a funeral. People don’t always appreciate it (dour folk with no right brain activity, sniff) but I don’t let that stop me. Have fun and don’t ever leave that inner kid at home without you.

  3. I have gotten in trouble for laughing too much especially at inopportune moments. Even saying that makes me laugh. I love to laugh and I joke around a lot. Plus, I have a bubbly and bright personality. No wonder I like you so much, Charlie! 💜💜💜
    Super cute kitty. Now, tickling is a different matter altogether. I don’t like to be tickled. Not even as a kid. It upsets me more than making me laugh, but I bet I will let my promised future husband tickle me. 😂😂😂

  4. I can laugh or feel gigglish at the most absurd inappropriate times Charlie so I so understand that ;). I love your kitten 🙂 I have a story that probably only you would understand given what you shared with us in your story 🙂 Thanks for the tickle 😉

      1. Well my very favourite and dearest friend had died leaving her older daughter (who was married with one child) and twin 14 year old sons. She had died of cancer but her death was absolutely beautiful and we were all there with her. It was as if we could see her leaving to this beautiful place – she was happy and it was so wonderful to share that last moment with her. Well so then the 4 of us are going to the Funeral Home a few days later. First of all the Funeral Director looked EXACTLY like Ichabod Crane and that sent the twins and I into gales of laughter which brought very stern looks down on us from Ichabod and his wife. Then we were sitting at the front, the only people at the viewing (to us she was already gone) but she had always wanted to be the person who ‘fixed’ people and got them ready for viewing so she was very very judgemental about such things. The twins and I and her daughter spotted all the things she would have commented on right away and that brought more laughter (more stern looks). Then the twins and I were looking overhead and apparently had the same thought at the same time – wondering if the dead people above us would ever crash down – which for some reason sent us into a fit of the giggles. I don’t know why, but it was funny at the time and we just couldn’t stop. Because we couldn’t stop Laurie couldn’t either and we were ultimately asked politely but sternly to leave if we could not control ourselves. See – most inappropriate time ever 😉 but my best friend would have loved it 🙂

        1. THIS!! Those are the best moments! I adore that story. And any friend of yours would appreciate it fully. I don’t like being made to act in a way that even the person I’m honoring wouldn’t appreciate anyway. hehe… Giggle on!! 😃💕

  5. You have the right idea of how to live life happily. When my sons lived at home, at dinner time, we would always go around the table and ask “ What was your funnest, bestest thing today” as a reminder to look for the good. At 80, my husband and I still do this every night before bedtime.

  6. Hello Charlie,

    You taught me one new thing today… that kittens can giggle too! Now why didnt I notice that before? Your talk about tickling and funny moments reminded me of the time I went to visit a friend in the hospital. Her nephew was about 5 and was visiting too. The doctor came in and started saying something in a serious tone about my friend’s impending surgery and the nephew suddenly said “How come your teeth never grew back when you lost them?” The doctor (who was quite old and had a couple of missing teeth) went crimson while the rest of us struggled to keep a straight face. But it lightened up the moment enough for us to take his medical report a bit more easily. More power to funny moments!


    1. Awww that’s the best story! 😃💕 I love that. Hearing a medical report is always stressful… I think people should always have a 5 year old around to lighten the mood. Or their inner child… whichever is available! hehe Here’s to more funny moments!

  7. Being able to see humor where others can’t is a sign of having great intuition. And being able to be funny is a sign of brilliance. And getting tickled is supposed to be very healthful for relieving stress – in moderation of course. I’m not sure where Phineas falls in all this, but he obviously adores the two of you.

  8. love the kitten. I have a lot of kitty’s. They are so funny and even when I’m sad they make me laugh. One of them ate a blueberry once and I was like cats don’t eat blueberries lol,but my cats will eat all kinds of foods that normal cats don’t eat.

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