Though I do love gingerbread cookies, they’re not often a very interesting painting subject. So, I’ve added bits of the holiday around a couple of cookies in answer to today’s prompt. I’m actually a huge fan of gingerbread in pretty much any form it comes in and would eat it all year long. But, like many delicious things, gingerbread is far more prevalent this time of year. As a kid, we would sometimes make “gingerbread houses” and I’m using quotes because these were usually made with graham cracker walls. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever made a little house out of gingerbread. It was more of a little craft project meant to distract us kids as the days leading up to Christmas made us a bit hyperactive and insane with anticipation. And admittedly, not much has changed for me even today. I still try to find little things to do to occupy my mind as the days seem to go slowly as we reach the big reveal. And I’m so excited to give Philippe his presents!

Sure, I’m also super excited to receive gifts as well. One can never say they only like giving gifts without getting on Santa’s naughty list. We all love getting something given with love! I’ve truly no idea what I’m getting this year and that’s even more fun. Philippe has dropped hints that he’s found something amazing, but nothing tangible enough to guess. And I, of course, wouldn’t want to guess it accurately as the surprise is the main event. As I’ve mentioned before, we usually have around ten different packages to open throughout the evening. These are not all of a high monetary value as that would be truly insane, but just little fun things that have a sort of sentimental value. Or yes, just something really stupidly silly that makes the other one smile. Most will be small as we don’t need a lot of extra stuff, but it’s the surprise that makes it all the more amazing. Like getting that raise that’s really only a cost of living increase, but somehow when it comes in an envelope, you feel like you’ve just won an Academy Award.

So as the clock ticks by each day, I subdue my enthusiasm as best I can and enjoy each moment. There’s not another time of year like this one and it’s rather nice that the pace seems to slow a bit in the days before. And once it’s over, the glow can still be felt for the entire week leading up to the glorious New Year. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would sled to the bottom of that large hill of snow. It was a thrilling trip on the way down and I then would slow to a crawl. I would always will my sled to go just a bit further before I had to climb back to the top of the hill. And even when it stopped, I would pause for a moment and enjoy the cold breeze and numb toes, combined with the afterglow that comes from a satisfying adventure. I’m thrilled for the days ahead and can’t wait to take the ride down that hill again. Perhaps, if I’m lucky, when I reach the bottom, I’ll get to enjoy a lovely cup of hot chocolate and some gingerbread cookies.

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26 thoughts on “Gingerbread Cookies

  1. Does Phineas get surprise gifts too? Maybe the empty boxes – he’d probably like them as much as anything else you’d get him, lol! I love reading about your enthusiasm for the holiday. I wish everyone was that way. It would be much more fun shopping. Love your shiny ornaments and your gingerbread cookies!

  2. The anticipation of giving the perfect gift,the smile ,the hugs,the thank you,,I love giving gifts..and I do like getting them too.😊 thank you for the story and I like the Christmas ginger cookies with the ornaments,it’s like you are eating them while decorating the tree…

  3. beautiful – and isn’t the anticipation wonderful. Though I just cannot wait until Friday and this week feels like it is dragging. Friday till Jan 2 I will be holidaying! Yahoo!

  4. Nice gingerbread cookies! Ah, gingerbread houses. For many years I would make gingerbread houses for family, friends, and as fundraisers for different charities. One year I made 3 for our children’s school to raffle, but when I returned the next day, one of the roofs had caved in.( too much icing, or maybe too many candies?) So, after thinking about it for a while (after all, who wants a broken gingerbread house?) I added a sign: Under Construction. I think it was the first one chosen! lol

  5. Like you, I’ve never actually made an actual gingerbread house, although I’ve probably crafted every possible other thing in the known universe, lol. Some day I’d love to try though. Have a lovely Christmas Charlie, your enthusiasm is infectious.

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