REVIEW: Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper – Paul Rubens

Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper from Paul Rubens

I thought I’d seen just about everything when it comes to watercolor paper, but Paul Ruben’s Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper is something unique to my experience.

There is s glitter embedded in the paper itself, for a subtle shimmer. Because it’s part of the paper, not just sitting on the surface, there’s no glitter rubbing off on your hands, on your clothes, or brush, or pen.

The glitter stays on the paper!

Today, I’m reviewing the hot pressed version.

Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper Detail

Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper – Specs

  • Comes in hot pressed & cold pressed.
  • Two sizes: 10.63“ x 7.67 and 7.67″x 5.31″
  • Weight: 300 gsm/140 lb
  • No. Of Sheets: 20 sheets
  • Hand-made using modern technology, fade resistant, acid-free, ph neutral
  • Glitter is embedded on both sides and evenly distributed over the entire sheet.



Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper Packaging Design

This watercolor paper comes as 20 single sheets in a sturdy cardboard envelope. There is an inner plastic bag to provide an extra barrier against moisture and prevent the sheets from sliding around.

The set arrives in yet another outside plastic bag. Great protection for shipping and for handy storage. The outside bag is strong enough and large enough, that I’m keep some of my other watercolor sheets in it as well.

All information on the package is in Chinese, except for the Paul Rubens name, but there is information online.

Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper – Performance

Ink Drawing on Glitter Paper

I drew this using a fabric-tipped technical pen. Since the paper is hot pressed it’s smooth enough for drawing.

The lines were smooth and bold. There was no feathering or skipping. The glitter didn’t affect the lines or the pen nib. It is truly part of the paper, not just sitting on the surface where it might flake or disrupt a pen.

My drawing was done on the right half of the paper.

Watercolor painting and ink on Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper

I used a wet onto dry method of painting to color in my illustration, almost like coloring in a color book.

When you use watercolor, it actually does some damage to the paper. With good paper, the damage is slight and barely noticeable. I wanted to see if there was noticeable difference in drawing before I used watercolor and after.

So the left half of the paper was my main test piece. I added some spots of masking fluid and masking tape.

Hot pressed paper is usually not meant for those really juicy drippy effects, so I used a wet-into-wet technique, but only used a moderate amount of water. I did scrub in places — something that can damage even good paper. I lifted color while the paper was wet and after the paint had dried.

The paint flowed beautifully, blending nicely and I was able to get good blends of color.

There was no curling, dimpling or buckling. The paper dried perfectly straight.

I do think the color is less intense than on most papers. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but I think it’s the saturation or chroma that isn’t as deep. Colors are bright, but there’s a slight evening out so contrast isn’t as high.I didn’t find this a deal breaker — just something to know about the paper and work with. It actually gives line and wash paintings a stylized look.

Once dry, the masking fluid came off the paper easily, but the tape caused pills — rough bits of paper. Since I just opened the jar of masking fluid, and I’ve had the tape for a few years, it’s possible this played into it. I’d recommend testing before using either one on this paper.

The sparkle is hard to catch on camera, and the scanner doesn’t pick it up at all. For some reason, it was more difficult to photograph the sparkle on the area where I used the wet-onto-dry technique. I’m not sure why — to the eye, the sparkle is the same on both sides. Something in the way the light reflects most likely.

Landscape painting on Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper

For my last example I used darker, more muted colors to see if it made a difference.

The sparkle was easier to photograph, and the effect was amazing.

The subtle sparkle gave the feel of salt spray floating in the air, among the crashing waves. I really loved the effect I got with this painting.

Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper – Overall

Paul Rubens Watercolor Paper with Glitter Sparkling Effect has glitter embedded into the paper. It’s inside, not sitting on the surface, so the glitter doesn’t rub off, and doesn’t interfere with drawing or painting.

The glittery effect is subtle, and on both sides of the paper.

It’s possible to get moderately drippy effects, and the paper holds up well to water. It doesn’t buckle, dimple or curl.

Colors are slightly less saturated on this paper, but still bright and beautiful.

Masking fluid peeled off easily, but masking tape caused some damage. That may have been because my tape is too old.

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I received one set of Watercolor Paper with Glitter Sparkling Effect from Paul Rubens, for the purposes of this review. I received no other considerations, though this post may contain affiliate links which help support Doodlewash. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. JA Wilson 1 year ago

    Always the best toys, umm tools.

  2. mlaiuppa 1 year ago

    Wow, I had no idea there was this kind of paper. I have no idea what I would use it for but I want it just the same. Thanks for the thorough review.

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 1 year ago

      Thank you for the compliment! I was kind of the same way – what would I use it for, but it’s fabulous. It would make great decorative work for cards. I think I like it best for seascapes.

  3. Varsha Koli 1 year ago

    That looks interesting!!

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 1 year ago

      Thank you, Varsha! it is a little different than the usual paper!

  4. Hoang Ka 8 months ago

    Great tips regrading Shipping Paper. You provided the best information which helps us a lot. Thanks for sharing the wonderful information.

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