Today we celebrate Go For A Ride Day which encourages you to get out and see the world in whatever mode of transportation tickles your fancy. I’m going on a virtual trip in this MINI Cooper which I wanted to buy but just couldn’t justify the price tag. Also, this was a great excuse to doodlewash a car for the first time.

I tried another minimal palette for this one with just Cobalt Blue and Neutral Tint with a single pop of orange for the small light on the front. Philippe and I test drove this car and it was so much fun to drive, but much less fun taking on a car payment, which I haven’t had in over 10 years. So I’m just going to ride inside my imagination for this one.

Actually, I don’t love driving and have also dreamed of living in a city where I wouldn’t even have to own a car. It’s so wonderful when we’re staying in Paris, as we can go anywhere we like and never have to worry about where to park or deal with other drivers on the road. This is really the part of driving that makes me want to opt out entirely.

I honestly feel like driving gets more terrifying every year as people seem to be losing their collective minds on the road. Obviously, things like texting while driving weren’t around years ago, so people had to be more focused back then. But in an era of multitasking, it seems like people try to see just how many things they can do when they should simply be driving.

The problem is, nobody is really good at doing two things at once. I was behind a guy who was driving a bit erratically the other day and I assumed he was texting or on the phone. When we stopped at a light, I realized, much to my horror, that he was actually brushing his teeth. The woman next to him was applying her eye makeup, and the man in front of her was shaving. Instead of simply going to work, I was now being forced to sit in a makeshift public bathroom with a bunch of frantic strangers.

Talking on the phone while driving also doesn’t work well for anyone. Even the so-called hands free mode, where you look like an insane person who’s talking to themselves in a car, steals a bit of the brain that’s actually needed for driving. And if I also see that same person stuffing their face with food, I already know they won’t notice when the light changes and there’s little chance I’ll be getting to work on time.

I just want to get from Point A to Point B in the most streamlined way possible so I can do those very things these people are attempting to do in their car. If we could all just agree to take care of these things at home or our office, we would add those minutes back into our day, because everyone would get to Point B that much faster. But that, like this little MINI Cooper, will just have to remain a lovely dream.

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48 thoughts on “Go For A Ride Day

  1. That is a magnificent MINI, Charlie, and such a cool colour too! I can totally see you at the wheel of this 😉 I believe my dad had a MINI in the early 70s – I don’t know if they were as trendy then.

    Virtual ride for me too, please! Things on the road are just as bad here (though I can’t claim to seeing anyone brushing their teeth). People are so blind and show such disregard for other motorists. The amount of times I’ve seen people come hurtling at such speed the *wrong* way on a one-way road, approaching said road’s sharp corner and then out into the wrong lane of the dual carriageway… heart-stopping! I walk wherever I can.

  2. Awesome drawing of the Mini Cooper, Charlie O! This could be used in an ad to sell them. 🙂 Love that you only used the two colors (and a pop or orange :)) Driving sure has become a new experience with all we all try to do at the same time…. EEKS!

  3. I know several people who own Minis and they love them, but they’re a touch too small for us (can’t haul 50 lbs bags of chicken feed in a Mini). :} But, oh my gosh, you are SO right about how scary it is driving on the same road as distracted drivers. Ugh… I am all for everyone being in self-driving cars.

    1. Yeah…I think I still really want one, but refuse to take on a car payment so it will have to be in cash! 😊hehe… and too funny! Philippe is all about the self-driving cars…he’s terrified by American drivers. It’s much more difficult to get a license in France. You have to have a bit more than a pulse to obtain one.

  4. I’m probably one of the few adults in the US who has never owned a car. We could save a lot of lives every year if we had better public transportation…I’ve never seen teeth brushing or shaving on the subway, but make-up application…all the time. Get up 15 minutes earlier, folks!
    But if I were to ever buy a car (which would involve learning to drive again), your Mini is very cute. (K)

    1. Yeah…if you have to drive, the MINI is pretty darn cool. Philippe only got his driver’s license just before coming here. I wish we had better public transportation here…it really would make things a lot better. We are one of the few couples in the US who only owns ONE car! Hehe…and with no car payments. I’m all for not having to own even one Kerfe! 😉👍🏻

  5. Beautiful doodlewash! You got so much out of two colors!! Love it!

    I’m not very fond of driving either. Now that my oldest has a license, I get him to drive as much I can. I know what you mean about distracted drivers.. And unfortunately, soccer moms (including me) are notorious for multitasking! Sometimes, I have to put my phone in the glove compartment so that I won’t be distracted.. 😊

  6. Great image of a Mini. I’ve always wanted to take one of those for a spin. The story about brushing teeth–Oy! When i see people driving erratically i often like to pull up to see what is distracting them. Maybe self-driving cars are coming along just in time.

  7. I love your mini Charlie it’s a beauty but I have to admit that I’m a die hard fan of the old classic mini. I owned a black old style cooper when my son was small and we had a blast driving around like Michael Caine in the Italian Job (well in our heads, I’m a much more careful driver in real life 😄). I was so sad to see her go.
    I’m with you on distracted drivers though, my husband is having on-going treatment at the moment after someone plowed straight into the back of him whilst parked at a red light. Apparently she didn’t see him, but then she wouldn’t if she was too busy looking at her phone, Grrr!

    1. Thanks Tori! 💕😃I really love the classic minis as well! And I bet you were just like Michael Cane in one! Hehe… But sorry to hear about your husband getting hit by a distracted driver!! Ugh! That’s terrible. People just have to relinquish their license …and their phone…after that!!

  8. Cars and bicycles are two things I find impossible to draw, so I’m full of admiration for your very stylish Mini. It is scary what people do in their cars, but what’s funny is that they seem to think they’re invisible when they’re doing it. I’ve sat at traffic lights next to people with their fingers up their noses almost to the second joint! Eeegh…

  9. hey charlie. i drew a mini cooper also, earlier this year. it was fun. i had the opportunity to be a passenger in this cute car. i could even feel how nimble and powerful the ride was. you did a fabulous job for your first car doodle!
    – al

      1. I don’t have a car right now: my city is jammed like hell and there are many problems with finding parking lots so I don’t plan to buy one. But otherwise I’d definitely pick something very small and stylish, like Mini, Fiat 500 or Toyota Aygo 🙂

  10. Great looking painting…the car is so cute and love the color. Not a big fan of being on the rode and driving …people can be scary! But am a fan of your painting, adorable, blue, and neatly parked on the paper. ;D

  11. Charlie, you have mad skills! I’m so impressed with your artwork, truly. You always inspire me…..I know that if I keep doing and keep doing, eventually I’ll be really happy with what I produce. Happy Thanksgiving to you and P, and beautiful job, just love everything I see on your blog on a consistent basis, my brother and pal.

    Oh, and I just loved your commentary. I put my phone on do not disturb whenever I leave the house, so I’m not even tempted to do anything else while driving. I feel unsafe lots of times with distracted drivers around, but living in the country, can’t really avoid driving! Also totally agree re the car payment. Why, why, why? Much rather keep my old babies and nurse them along. (We do need two cars living here, but at least it’s been ten years since we’ve had a car payment!) Sending love to all of you. <3

    1. Thank you sis!!! ❤️😃 Its always a pleasure when I see your name pop up! We’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving…going to have a dinner rather than a late lunch so I’m trying to keep myself distracted. 😊lol And thank you so much!! ❤️❤️ You’re early encouragement and inspiration really helped me keep this Doodlewash blog going. I can’t thank you enough for that! And you better keep doing and doing!! Your art is fantastic! One day you’ll see what we all see and love it just as much! 😉👍🏻

      And yay to nursing old babies when it comes to cars! Lol…I always think I’m going to drive mine until my feet pop out the bottom like Fred Flintstone. Haha! Much love to you and hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving!! ❤️🍗

  12. ***Oops, five years since a car payment. Just in time for college tuition payments! lol. Ooh! and I have a question. What do you use neutral tint for? In this one, did you use it for the windshield and the headlights, and that’s it? Maybe the wheels? I’m trying to decide….I’m thinking maybe I should get a tube of that. Been meaning to ask you this for ages. Thanks, bro. <3

    1. Hehe! Car payments are evil! Definitely worth avoiding!! 👍🏻😉 lol As for Neutral Tint, I use it just about everywhere to deepen the darks and even to paint outlines because it’s less black and stark than pen (I went back in with pen on this, but used Sepia, not black) Since it’s neutral, I can mix it with the blue to deepen and darken it before applying it. It’s pretty flat by itself when it dries, but as a mix with other colors or a wash over the top of a color to darken portions it works pretty well. I also use it for the base shadows because it looks pretty good and I’m too lazy to mix up my own gray those. 😊hehe… I’d say, grab a tube and give it a try!

      1. That sounds really good, thanks Charlie. So basically, it’s a way to deepen the value of any color to create the darker shadowy areas? Am I understanding that right? And M Graham makes it? If so then I need to order one right away. I’m going to take another look at your palette too and see….I’m always a sucker for buying more colors, and I love the color key you made for yours! <3 I still need to make one of those portable palettes for myself. I love that little Cotman one, but the holes in my paints are getting bigger and bigger! I know I can refill them with my tube paints but I like the idea of having a portable graham palette. 🍁🎨👍😽

        1. It’s one way, though I don’t think a watercolor purist would say it’s the right way! Hehe… I think they would tell you to mix colors to create the same effect. But it works for me! And yes! This is an M. Graham paint! My entire palette that I showed is M. Graham now.😉👍🏻

          1. Yeah, but that’s much harder lol! Although I agree, it’s a good exercise. I usually try to mix a color with its opposite to darken it a bit but would be nice for WC sketches to just skip that step. Or at least try the alternative. How much can it cost? If I know MG, not much. Thx again for your help!

          2. Hehe…it’s not much! 😉And I say yay to shortcuts so we can just focus on the enjoyment of actually painting cool stuff! 😊 Add a little tube of white gouache and you’ve got a paper white backup! Hehe…is that cheating? Who cares!! Lol It’s just more fun that way! And I’m all for the fun part! Happy painting! ❤️😃

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