Though I already find bananas perfectly fun, simply because they’re actually a berry, the informal definition of “bananas” is one who is “insane or extremely silly.” What I adore about definitions like this is that they are hopelessly broad in scope. There’s certainly more of a spectrum between extremely silly and totally insane, but this isn’t provided in the explanation. I would imagine, like most things, the difference depends on a person’s perception. I’ve been extremely silly on many occasions and I’m quite sure that some of the more serious people present during those moments would denote me as certifiably insane. I love to play and do things that aren’t always in the expected way. This has gotten me into trouble in various interactions with mixed company. But, admittedly, I often do it on purpose to judge such company and find my people. Those others who are bananas as well. They are way more fun to be around than the normal lot and so I’ve always gravitated to people like that. The kind who spend so much time enjoying life, they get the luxury of even surviving the serious bits with joy and fun.

One time when I was in college, I was performing in a show at a local theatre, where we’d rehearse every evening as well as on Saturday. After a Friday evening rehearsal ended early, a couple of the cast members wanted to go out for a drink afterward. I suggested they just come to my place and we could hang out there, have some laughs and drinks, sleep for a few hours, and then all ride together back to rehearsal in the morning. The obvious flaw in my plan was that my friends didn’t have a change of clothes and since one was female, mine probably wouldn’t do. So I said we could just stop by the store on the way and pick something up for them to wear. An admittedly dumb idea, but when you’re with your people, none of that matters. They just said, “Awesome!” and we ended up at a Hypermart, Walmart’s now-defunct gigantic demonstrator store that combined everything you’d ever need in life under one roof. Once inside, we each bought a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt for the next day. In a last moment act of brilliance we decided to make them all match.

It was insanely fun and though, yes, at bit bananas, we had a fabulous evening and headed back to rehearsal the next day in our matching party outfits. This day was a dance rehearsal, so showing up in sweatpants was perfectly fine. And the other cast members who had turned us down were feeling a bit left out of the fun. Throughout the morning, however, the choreographer simply took us through all of the steps without once mentioning our oddly similar attire. After four hours of dancing we broke for lunch and our dance coach suddenly exclaimed, “Wait, are you all wearing the same clothes?” This brought the entire cast to fits of laughter and tears as she had manage to notice every flaw in our dance moves without once noticing the obvious. We had always thought she was a bit crazy, but this somehow confirmed it. Sure, we were the ones dressed alike, but in that moment, she was insane and we were just extremely silly. So, it seems, it’s really just a matter of perspective, but life is certainly a lot more fun when you choose to spend a bit of it going bananas.

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18 thoughts on “Going Bananas

  1. This made me laugh, the part where you certfied her insane and you all as extremely silly! And i liked the spectrum description! I’d pass as your friend acting as silly as you would as now i know you are trying to pick your kind from the others who cant ever go banana once in a while,just to feel like a child!

  2. Lol! I’ll bet the production was the bestest ever because the whole group was like-minded and communicating on the quantum level. I think the the term bananas has to envelop quantum physics. It isn’t silly but as we find out more, it seems more and more insane.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕I have no idea if the production was awesome or not… it was a Melodrama and Vaudeville show… I played d’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers! lol I can’t remember a bit of the show or the musical numbers, but the review in the paper referred to me as having “cartoon-like good looks” which I still don’t know if that’s actually a compliment. And how you leapt to quantum physics is precisely why we are friends!! lol LOVE it! ❤️

  3. LOL! I love stuff like that. I don’t tend toward silly. Of course three friends and I have jumped out of a car at a stop light and raced around it, much to the chagrin of drivers behind us. But I tend more toward droll and one liner funny. My little foray into stand-up comedy was a rather silly thing to attempt I think, but that I was good at it leans to taking my funny very seriously. When I used to write a newspaper column, my humorous ones were always the most popular.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕Glad ya enjoyed this story! I think we share the same sort of funny… I opt for the less outrageous and more subtle most of the time. Stand-up comedy? I’m just learning this right? Oh… to be able to sit done over a drink and have a proper chat! That would be so much fun!!

  4. That is too funny! I knew I was in good company. Your bananas look so real! I sketched my banana in pajamas…..just like the cartoon. Google it and thank me later for the song worm in your head. Bahahawaaaa!

    1. Thanks, Lori! 😃💕Of course I googled it immediately and Philippe and I both were bobbing our heads to the song. Yes… it’s quite impossible to remove, so I have a feeling my dreams tonight will have a very unsettling soundtrack. LOL

  5. I’m suddenly hungry for a banana, and my screen is not giving up your painting,
    though I declare, I can smell those bananas they are so real.

    As for your story, I love it. First of all, I did not know a banana is a berry and suddenly
    I’m seeing bananas cascading from the cherry tree, and George Washington standing
    with axe in hand saying “I cannot tell a lie”. can you tell I’m sleep deprived?

    The best of the best is the matching outfits. It’s a great reminder that ‘eye witness’ testimony
    is the most unreliable. We are so often blind to what we are seeing.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕hehe… glad you enjoyed this! Yeah, I learned a lot about what is and isn’t fruit while trying to come up with something to write for all of these prompts! lol Bananas are berries along with watermelon of all things. Culinary definitions are far easier to riddle out. And SO true… I think that is the moral of this story. We can often be blind to what’s right in front of us.

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