Since there are just a few days left before leaving the country, things have been rather crazy. Not having much time at all today, I opted for a 25 minute doodlewash dash with this halved coconut and just a couple colors: Quinacridone Rust and Ultramarine Blue. Even though it felt like I was really rushing, it felt good to get some speedy practice in before sketching live in Paris. I could have done this much faster, had I omitted the details, but since they’re my favorite part, that’s not likely going to happen. I was actually an adult before ever sampling a freshly cracked coconut. It was in Vieques, an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Granted, as with all things on a vacation, they just seem to taste better, but I think I state with absolute certainty that fresh coconut is absolutely delicious.

As we prep for our trip, Philippe and I were just discussing the food that we’re looking forward to most when we’re back in France. One of the things I love is a store called Picard, that’s filled with frozen dinners. This sounds ridiculous, I know, but these are not the frozen dinners found lurking in the States. These are magical creations of real artistry waiting for you to thaw them out when you get back from a day of hopping the Metro. We looked online to see what the current offering was, and Philippe brought up something with ice cream and champagne in little cups. “Oh, that’s what I had when I was a kid!” he said. This is where our childhood’s tragically diverge, as I was just offered a taste of whatever my dad had nearly finished drinking. “So, you got champagne in lovely little cups and I got beer and backwash? How is that fair?” As usual, he didn’t bother to answer me.

But even though we won’t be near palms trees and fresh coconuts, I’m really looking forward to being back in Paris. It’s the simple everyday things I miss about living there for a brief time. The daily stops at the bakery to get a truly fresh baguette make me so happy. Here, they make a baguette soggy and slightly undercooked because they know most Americans will coat it with butter and garlic and shove it back in the oven. This is a perfectly delicious treat, to be sure, but a fully cooked baguette eaten without further adultery is also a thing of beauty. Life, taken one simple bite at a time. That’s what I’m looking forward to most. A chance to relax and enjoy the world around me, without worrying about deadlines and responsiblities, or feeling like I’m going coconuts.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Quinacridone Rust and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon sepia ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.
 Day 19 #WorldWatercolor Group Going Coconuts Fresh halved coconut on white background watercolor



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36 thoughts on “Going Coconuts

  1. Oh Charlie – I’m coco-NUTS over your coconut! Enjoy your trip – every single simple bite at a time. I am almost as excited as you – just to hear all about it! I’ve never been there, and Philippe would find me terribly unsophisticated, but I will cherish every divine, Parisian moment you share! 🙂

    1. Hehe… thanks, Jodi! 😃💕 I’m excited to just finally get there… wish I could teleport though as the actual travel bit is just stressful. I’m sure Philippe would find you endearing and amazing, just as I do! And you promised cookies… so pretty sure you’d impress! 😉

  2. Oh Charlie! You certainly perform magic with a paint brush! This looks so real. Amazing what you have done with the shell. The closest I have gotten to coconut is in an Almond Joy candy bar! Haha! Love this! Enjoy Paris and the freedom to relax!! 😊

  3. A rather splendid coconut, for sure. The details are terrific, as always. How exciting that it is almost time to visit France. I’ve never been but can’t wait to see it through your eyes and doodlewashes, Charlie. Happy travels!

  4. Coconuts, baguettes – all you need now is chocolate!

    I have no idea how you paint such perfection so quickly and with only two colors – 25 minutes and I might have found my paint brush. In your past life, you were known as Leonardo, maybe – da Vinci?

    1. Yes please!! I’ll have that chocolat now!! hehe 😃💕 And thanks so much, Sharon!! Wow! You just compared me to my idol! But yeah… I’m no Leonardo I think! I do think I’ve gotten better at quickly seeing details with all the practice and observation though. Something Leonardo believed was paramount! hehe

  5. Ha ha, aside from the succulent coconut..ace….beer and backwash 😂😂😂😂😂…..yes, my experience was a dribble of stout left in the can, early morning after!! Probably whilst watching Sesame Street at 6am, I will check out their website, sounds scrummy 😀

  6. Hay, coco-licious! I want to grab a piece. Talking about Vieques, how coincidental, saw one of the many American lifestyle programs on the TV recently showing this tiny island. Looks fabulous, wish I lived there! Fresh is always best, and the real baguette is to die for! Looking forward to your postcards… 🙂

  7. Oh! Welcome to France. I must tell you that the best baguette in Paris for 2016 is Le Grenier à Pain, 38 rue des Abesses in 18th district (sorry I don’t know how to translate “arrondissement”). This, after Les Délices du Palais in the 14th district in 2015. And 18th district is sooo beautiful corner (Montmartre, etc…) Enjoy your journey in Paris and sketch and draw splendid places !

    1. Thanks so much, Laurence! 😃 My partner is Parisian so we have friends and family there and so go regularly. Thanks for the baguette tip…I’ll have to ask Philippe if he’s tried it. Our apartment is near Montparnasse this trip, so Les Délices du Palais sounds like a delicious option!

  8. Love the coco drawing! I remember the first time going into Picard in Nice and my first thought of it was that it looked like a sterile lab. And yes, France makes the best baguettes! That was the one of the things I really enjoyed eating while living there. 🙂

  9. Ohhh Charlie this is a wonderful coconut lovely detail work as usual! I know how you feel getting ready for Paris it must be some craziness around you preparing for the trip! Do you have a spot free for me in one of your suitcases? LOL I had great time in Paris and I miss the European atmosphere and lifestyle I am sure Philippe feels like me sometimes! Enjoy your time there! <3 😉

  10. A cracking coconut, Charlie! Haha, listen to Philippe with his fancy French upbringing… my experiences were the much the same as yours!

    Not long now! I bet you’re veering rapidly into Christmas levels of excitement! 😀

    1. Hehe…thanks, Jacob! 😃And happy to hear your upbringing was equally modest. lol I’m mainly just exhausted trying to get everything done before I leave. I usually hit Christmas level when I’m served my first tiny bottle of wine on the plane so that will be tomorrow late afternoon. Hehe

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