Going To The Theatre

Though I love going to the theatre, I had no clue what to paint for today as the options seemed limitless. There are so many different kinds of theatre and my mind first went to the iconic comedy and tragedy masks, but those seemed a bit drab. So I went the venetian mask route to add a bit more drama. It’s the equivalent of taking a traditional theatre mask and pimping it out in full drag. Much more colorful and fabulous. My theatre style of choice has always been musical theatre, though drag is perfectly wonderful as well, if that’s your thing. Beyond just going to the theatre, there was a time, many years ago, that you might also find me on stage, performing in a musical. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to return to the stage, but these days, you’ll instead find me in the audience. Happy to be treated to a little escape into someone else’s story.

Though I only took one painting class in college, I also happily accepted work as a set designer for several shows. I never took a single class in this at all, but I’ve always lived life with a “DO” mentality and figure everything will work itself out after that. I wasn’t so much fearless in pursuing things I had no experience in, as much as I was horribly curious. All the nagging doubts I had about whether or not I could do something were quickly opaqued by my insatiable curiosity. I just wanted to know what would happen if I took the opportunity to try something. That was it. No larger goal or metric for success. Just pure wonder of what might happen next. As it turns out, I wasn’t so bad at set design and managed to create rather interesting worlds to perform in. This led to doing everything anyone would let me do in theatre. I would go on to write plays, write music, direct shows, and even choreograph some dance numbers.

What I learned is that talent is just a dash of natural ability, and most of the real credit goes to sheer perseverance. I never did anything because I thought I was “good” at it. My mind doesn’t usually provide me with such compliments. So, instead, I have always listened to my heart. I can’t imagine what I would have missed in life, if I had let my mind direct the show. I’m sure the script would have been adequate, but perfectly dull. Instead, when I look back on my life, I feel proud of all the risks I’ve taken and all the times I’ve simply nodded in agreement when my heart said, “Yes.” And today, as I find myself writing and illustrating each and every day, I still enjoy that element of surprise. I have absolutely no idea what image will appear or what words will come out each day. And my curiosity still brings me back, as I find out what will appear next, like I’m going to the theatre.

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41 thoughts on “Going To The Theatre

    1. Thanks, Tom! 😃💕Haha!! Yeah, you thankfully won’t find any YouTube videos of that. But, someone did post a scene from my old show on my Facebook page! hehe… I don’t even know if I sounded good. I was too distracted by how YOUNG I looked! LOL

  1. I enjoy reading about your can-do attitude. The mask is beautiful, I especially love the peacock feathers. Painting is something I’ve always loved though I took no art classes when an undergraduate, and only started taking classes after I’d been teaching art for several years. Talk about chutzpah!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃💕 hehe… I have definitely lived a few lives. And glad you liked my mask… it’s a weirdly exuberant thing. I actually did drag once at a party. I sent my mother the picture and she said I looked liked her! 😊

  2. Gorgeous mask! Listening to your heart not your head is something I’m learning to do. There are so may rewards to taking a little risk and wonderful doors open. Thanks for jumping in to creat Doodlewash – we all are benefiting!

      1. I grew up with them where the love was sparked in middle school and where the passion began in high school. Les Mis, Rent, Wicked, Sound of Music, Annie, Phantom of the Opera, Pippin, Music Man, South Pacific, and Newsies are different musicals that I love

  3. I love the mask…the vibrant blue is exciting.
    The whole view has a certain mystique…I think it is a combination of the mask’s
    eyes (almost catlike) and the eyes of the peacock feathers. The fact that the mask’s eyes
    are ‘openings’ (as opposed to the eyes of a face that convey a mood) makes the painting
    all the more captivating. I’m thinking this one is a poem I can’t refuse. If I get it right, I will
    post it on my blog with a link to your painting that inspired it.

    As for your commentary…it is a delight. Your joie de vivre is contagious. Your
    outlook is healthy and sustaining, and in my opinion your many talents are
    amazing. When you put all of your Doodlewash articles into a book, I would like
    to purchase an autographed copy. Please don’t delay too long, I’m getting long in the tooth.

    1. That is the most encouraging and amazing comment ever! Thank you so much! 😃💕 I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy my words. An incredible compliment as you’re so great with them yourself! Thank you for making me feel like a true writer. 😊

  4. Charlie !!!! Are you sure we aren’t related? Seriously! I was involved with music and stage, my daughter with musicals and two of my grandsons with stage and musicals. lol How fun to hear of your experiences. Love that mask – it’s absolutely stunning! ❤️

    1. Aww thanks so much, Von!! 😃💕 hehe… I would be proud to be related to you, assuming we aren’t somehow already of course. Theatre was definitely one of my early loves and obsessions! hehe… my mother used to make some of my costumes!

      1. I can’t believe I missed all of these, truth be told. So much good stuff in the Doodlewash archives, and all I knew about was the challenges.

        I’m gonna be soaking up this blog like a sponge for a few days. <3

  5. My theatre of choice would also be musical theatre. There is something about song, dance, and spectacle that makes musical theatre more exciting. Musical theatre with those elements makes it easier to connect to the characters their journeys. I cannot fully describe why I love musicals and that love shows through the blog

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