This has been a fabulous birthday weekend, and I’ve enjoyed every moment. Thanks all, for the lovely birthday wishes! I had many things to accomplish this weekend and I’m running behind on all of them, but it’s been such a fun weekend that I don’t mind at all. Things always have a way of getting done somehow when I’m in a super happy mood. So, I’m just taking things as they come. I stopped working on stuff this afternoon and went to the park with Philippe and our dog Phineas. It was a sunny day with just a touch of chill in the air and beautiful. Phineas is always on patrol and has to stop and sniff every tree and lamppost along the way. Though we got quite a lot of walking in eventually, it took twice the time as it should. We try to pull the leash to get him to move along and he looks back at us incredulously as if the say, “seriously? There are like a thousand mysteries here and you just want to rush right by them?” I had to stop and consider who was correct. There were indeed many things to see and so we just paused with Phineas and took in all the sights along the way. As observant as I fancy myself to be, there’s always more to see and appreciate in life.

I’m so often rushing to catch up with my current list of things to DO, that I get a bit lost. Taking a simple walk in the park with my little family was really the best thing to DO today and those other things could wait for their time. Phineas is now snoring on the couch as I type this, exhausted from his adventure of mysteries. Philippe is watching another documentary of something or other, no doubt an entire show about cauliflower. And I’m sitting on my favorite chair next to my lava lamp, trying to avoid getting mesmerized by its hypnotic glow. It’s a lovely moment where nothing much is happening and nothing seems to be missing. This past week was a bit stressful with tons of deadlines, yet in this moment, they’ve all faded to the background. It’s as if those moments have been erased and replaced with one singular moment out of a storybook. As much as I talk about DOing, I have to remind myself that DOing nothing much of anything at all is equally wonderful at times. Letting my fevered imagination rest for a moment is a nice break that always produces a cool idea when I return to whatever it was I was working on previously.

In this moment, I’m not even thinking about what that was. I’m just enjoying a flow of glowing wax from my lamp and reflecting on the beautiful time I had this weekend. Though I always wish there were more hours in the day, I mostly wish to spend the ones I’m granted enjoying things as they come my way. I enjoy trying lots of new things, but that’s the goal in itself. So, much of my life is spent just letting each thing happily guide me to the next. For some, this might sound like the life of a drifter, but weirdly, I get quite a lot accomplished during those bursts of focused activity in between. Then I’m back to my land of daydreaming and letting life sort of wash over me as it passes by. I think I learn more in these moments than the ones where I try to force some sort of epiphany to occur. There’s always a simper solution to whatever is on my mind at the time and its in the spaces I grant myself that I can find it. Whatever I was about to try would have taken hours, but with a bit of magical thinking I can knock the same thing out in a fraction of the time. So, I’m taking that time now and relaxing in a world of hopes and dreams where nothing at all is more important than simply going with the flow.

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36 thoughts on “Going With The Flow

  1. I think it’s true that we often get so involved with getting things done that we ignore what it is happening, and we make things more complex than they need to be. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your birthday and are finding time to relax even with a busy, busy schedule.

  2. Such a playful and colorful dolphin. We had the same idea only mine is turned to the right. 😊 Glad you had a nice birthday weekend. You received a lot of cake on the prompt. I could taste a bit of each one just by looking at them. On my walk today I saw a fox sitting on a small hill on top of a pile of brush. Only minutes before, another fox hastily ran past the picnic table my sister and I were painting at. It was a site to see for sure. We were glad he kept running. The park ranger said the one in the brush
    may be sick or hurt as he never moved from the same spot all day. He also said he had never seen a fox in that park. It was definitely a kodak moment!

  3. When I took an early retirement 12 years ago, I was very worried that I would be bored, lonely, or unfulfilled. Turned out that I was none of those things. I don’t meditate, or practice any of that sort of thing, but I started practicing stillness. The reality of Multiple Sclerosis is that it forces you to slow down. I decided to do it gracefully, and with intention. I was always a person who noticed things, but after I quite working, I could notice, study, and comment. Be it writing, painting, or photographing, I dove deeper, and that has made all the difference.

  4. Taking time to smell the flowers is always best for you. In this case trees and whatever Phin is stopping at! Tee hee. You are probably like me, you accomplish more when under pressure. Love your Flipper! They call him Flipper, Flipper fast as…….don’t remember the rest. 😉

  5. Charlie says, “It’s a lovely moment where nothing much is happening and nothing seems to be missing.”

    That is the most beautiful and wisest poetry I have read in awhile. It is good prose, too, but it not only delights the mind, it delights the ear (the sibilant esses and those beautiful ‘n’s that pull the air through the nose as the tongue kisses the roof of the mouth…so I guess it delights the mouth too. : ) That’s poetry!! and it speaks of a beautiful moment.

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