For our prompt of “Husky” today, I made a sketch of one of the newest additions to our extended family. My sister and brother-in-law had a new pup to introduce when Philippe and I visited over the holidays last year, a Siberian Husky named Blue. He’s a beautiful dog and is currently going to training classes to become extra well-behaved as well as super helpful. Our own pup Elliott is only about 14% husky, yet he shares many of the same personality traits, along with many of the uncanny vocalizations. Our dog is also getting more and more well-behaved as he gets older. Blue was much more vocal than Elliott and had lots to tell us when we met. I didn’t understand every word, but I could certainly feel Blue’s fervent urgency combined with a joyful enthusiasm. He’s a very sweet dog with tons of personality, which I can also say about Elliott. I’ve always loved dogs, even when they’re not mine. Having a dog around just makes my heart happy and seeing them smile makes me smile right back!

It’s not always clear what a dog is feeling in every moment. Sometimes the signals are a bit confusing. Elliott will get suddenly concerned about something, and it’s a mystery as to what caused such consternation. Other times, it’s exceedingly clear what he wants and that’s usually a treat or to go outside and play. These are things he seems to want on a constant basis and hasn’t quite figured out why that’s not an option. Philippe and I joke that Elliott thinks we’re exceedingly boring with our quiet routines and is simply enduring his time in dullsville. Thankfully, once we take him out for a thrilling game of fetch the stick or an even more exciting game of laser tag on a winter night, he seems quite content. That is in about 30-45 minutes after the endorphins wear off and he can curl up in a ball and finally relax. It’s become one of my favorite parts of the evening.

I have to admit that if I didn’t have a dog to walk, I would likely be much more sedentary. I do enjoy walks, but having a furry companion to constantly remind you to take a walk is actually quite helpful. Otherwise, you’d find me typing stories on my laptop or sketching endless without realizing how much time had passed. That’s actually a rather fun thing to do, but taking breaks is one of the best elixirs for creativity. I always come back from a walk with a little piece of an idea that I’ll weave together with others that I’m collecting into a full concept at some point. And when I’m out with Elliott, I’m fully unplugged and simply enjoying nature. Apparently lying in the snow is a fun thing to do according to him, but I’ve not actually tried that one yet. Mostly because it also involves chewing on a stick. Yet, seeing Elliott’s joy in response to being outdoors has made me appreciate it all the more. We have a lot of fun together and even though he might think I’m rather dull at times, I think Elliott would mostly agree that I’m generally a very good boy!

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Husky Siberian Dog Black White Standing Smiling Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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24 thoughts on “Good Boy!

  1. Huskies crack me up with their vocalizations! They’re to blame for many of my expeditions on Tik-Tok or video sites. I think they have lots in common with Siamese cats, although the cats can be more malicious. Damages done by the huskies tend to be innocent victims of their size, and exuberance.

  2. I would have loved to hear Blue and Elliott together – must have been a hoot 😉 !! I love huskies and all the breeds I see in Elliott because he sure looks like he has some pincher in him! I love all animals but we have cats – very vocal ones. One is partly a manx probably about half. So he has a voice which is very much stronger than a siamese and can be scary for some people when they first hear it. Our manx has very many and long stories. His walks are very short – lol and he definitely does not like the cold. I love taking dogs for a walk, their enthusiasm to meet new people and smell new smells reminds me to be present and take joy in everything around me. There are always new things – life by its nature does not remain constant. Yup – we all need to be more like dogs 😉 . I love your painting of Blue – you have caught that Husky personality just perfect 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie!! 😃💕 Actually Blue and Elliott have never met… we had to board Elliott when we flew to Texas. I’m sure they’d have a ball together if they ever did! Those animal vocalizations can be so interesting and sometimes alarming! lol But I agree… we do need to be a bit more like dogs! hehe

  3. Such a gorgeous pup, Charlie!!! Well, it’s been decades since snow angels were a winter adventure but I do remember laying in the snow making those when I was a kid…one of life’s childhood winter pleasures and a sweet, silly memory.

  4. I agree with what everyone else said! Very nicely done! I adore huskies and find them very entertaining. I currently have a labradoodle who takes me for a walk, even after 4 years of loose leash training. This year I snowblowed a path in my backyard so I can walk, he can run, and we can both have a good time. He prefers winter and loves to lie and roll around in the snow — and chase bunnies and squirrels. He definitely gives me lots of breaks in my day, but I’m sure he finds his life with me a little boring at times. Lately he’s been climbing on my recliner with me when I paint. Dogs are the best. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  5. Hello Charlie,

    What a gorgeous Doodlewash! Blue must be very very beautiful to look at. It’s lovely to see that you had such an awesome holiday. 🙂 ❤


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 This one was super fun to paint… brought back the fun memories of spending time with Blue. Still getting a slow start to the year… my head and heart are still in holiday mode. Much love to you!! ❤️

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