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    Bird Feathers tutorial

    I love Anna Mason’s tutorials!

    Hajra Meeks shares a myriad of beginner tips throughout this darling beginner piece!

    Steve talks us through a bird, done in a wet in wet technique. He’s one of my favourite watercolour artists – terrific artist and quite humorous too. 🙂

    Peter Sheeler shows us a Ruby Throated Hummingbird.  Beautiful little creatures. ❤️

    Maria Raczynska shares a beautiful Winter/Christmas Blue Bird & Holly Berries.  Perfect for a Holiday card or gift. ❤️

    Paint Academy shows us a full tutorial of painting a Mallard Duck in water – so sweet:

    Yong Chen shows us how to paint a Goldfish and also offers us some good info on drawing with shapes.

    Jennifer Branch has a sweet little Blue Titmouse bird piece for us! I like how she explains what and why she’s doing through this painting.

    Audrey Hynds steps us through a fun and loose watercolour of the cute face of a hedgehog! (There’s something for everyone on YouTube, isn’t there? 😃)

    Thank you for the link! Great video.

    You’re welcome, Sandra!  I thought it was cute and different. 😍

    Maria Raczynska steps us through a killer whale piece!


    Just watching the robin tutorial was very helpful.  I will try it out soon.

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