Beginners to Watercolour


  • I have lamb love! Great video. Thank you Yvonne!

    @sandra-Strait Me too Sandra!  Cally does a fabulous job of explaining everything too.  So cute. 😍

    Nicola Blakemore steps us through a feather.  While this isn’t technically a bird, its part of one and includes a kitty so it’s being placed in this forum.  Its something I struggle with when I paint too and it made me laugh. Enjoy!

    Such lovely feathery effects! Thank you for sharing this, Yvonne!

    Denise of In Liquid Color demonstrates dinosaurs in Schminke Horadam Gouache.  So fun and she explains the Animal Artists Collective.

    Another great video, Yvonne! Who can resist dinosaurs!

    @Sandra-Strait Clearly not Denise! lol  She’s so cute. ❣️

    Cally Lawson offers a lovely yet simple fish demonstration.

    This looks like a fabulous video! I want ner ceramic palette!  Thank you for sharing, Yvonne!

    I really enjoyed her process and she used an iridescent medium to sparkle the fish, which I particularly loved because fish scales have that quality to them.  ❤️  I want that palette too.  😍 I’ve sourced all kinds of ceramic palettes as I like to use them with my oils too, and have never found that one.

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