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    This Tim Wilmot vid is brilliant. I’ll have to have a go at it. Sooner rather than later!

    I look forward to seeing yours, Rod!

    I can’t make a gumball look like a gumball yet so I know I’m not ready for something this detailed, but I very much liked how he explained ways to take a complex reference and settle it down to specific areas of primary interest.  No matter my level of skill, videos like this help me grow.  ☺️

    Paint Academy offers a House and Landscape Tutorial.

    Bob Davies tutors us in the different variety of stone buildings.  This would also be helpful for fireplaces as well as garden walls.


    Bob is a lovely chap with a relaxed style which helps you not worry about making mistakes

    @rod-Fletcher I agree, Rod.  🙂

    Marco Bucci demos his process of an urban sketch with a great deal of instructional thoughts presented.

    SAA Artist Demo with Janine Gallizia is one to save.  There’s an amazing amount of info packed into it for both composition and instruction.

    Paint Basket steps us through a variety of Bricks & Stones for our buildings and landscapes.

    Thank you for the link.  Glad to have back, Yvonne.  You’ve been missed!


    I’ll second that Sandra. We’ve missed your tremendous work output Yvonne – and you do it all for love😍😍😍😍

    @SandraStrait  Thank you Sandra ❤️ I’ve missed you too!  I’m still working through my bugs here but a darned sight better than a week ago.  😃

    @RodFletcher  Thank you Ron – I’m at a snail’s pace for a while but missed you and everyone so much!  Hope you’ve been busy painting! 😍❤️

    I hope you’re feeling better than ever, and soon!

    Smoothie77 offers us some lovely distant buildings in his landscape painting.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)
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