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Beginner FLORAL Tutorials

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  • This Forum area is for all things about FLORAL Technique Tutorials. This can include Gardens, Flower Bouquets, Macro Florals, etc.

    Check out this gorgeous Rose tutorial by Anna Mason! She’s another of my favourite Watercolour artists.

    This Tulips painting process by Andrew Geeson is very loose and something a beginner might manage quite well, I think.

    Lindsay Weirich’s enthusiasm for watercolour is contagious!  Between Charlie’s Doodlewash and her YT channel, I know we will find our way with WC too!

    Lindsay’s enthusiasm is fabulous!! As is her art! I totally agree! If anyone wants to learn more about Lindsay, be sure to check out her guest feature here on Doodlewash:

    James Gurney has some tips about Floral Garden Painting.

    Art Tutor Watercolour Backgrounds Daisy Pt. 1

    Art Tutor Watercolour Backgrounds Daisy Pt. 2

    Angela Fehr

    Wild Roses & Pansies – a lovely multi-part (5-6?) series! I’m only linking Part 1 so be sure to go to YouTube (link above), subscribe and watch the rest. 🙂

    It’s a brilliant series chock full of information that is perfect for beginners and even intermediate painters!

    Part 1 – how’s & why’s of transferring your work with graphite and how to create your own graphite transfer paper:

    Wonder Forest shows us Mistletoe WC Cards for those who are already painting theirs!

    Linda Smith Latimer has a full 4 part series on this project. Look up her YT to follow the rest of this series. Also take a look at her other videos as there are a wonderful array there! 😉
    Wild White Roses Part 1:

    How to paint flower petals multiple ways:

    Flower petal tutorial posted above by Maria Raczynska.

    Thank you so much for this Sharon – really lovely and easy too!! ❤️😍

    Angela Fehr shares a Stained Glass Poppies in Window effect in Watercolour.

    I so loved this, of course! 😃  I’ve a historical book on Tiffany that sparked my interest in this style!  Have any of  you ever done a piece in watercolour like this?


    You did ask Yvonne! This was from a Wendy Sinclair photograph. Very soothing to do – reminded me of painting paper doilies as a kid.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)
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