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Beginner LANDSCAPE Tutorials

  • This Forum area is for all things about LANDSCAPE Technique Tutorials. This can include general landscapes, mountainscapes, skyscapes, etc.

    Yong Chen shows us an easy Maple Tree in Fall colours. What I especially liked about this video is that we can easily change up the palette to be any season in our paintings!

    Monochromatic painting – a great study for values too!

    Laovaan’s Tutorial has some terrific info and really had an amazing and inspirational painting to watch!

    Grant Fuller shares an interesting technique for a misty landscape.

    You find the coolest videos.  Thank you!

    You are so welcome, Sandra!  It is my pleasure. ❤️

    A bit of fun from Steve with line and wash.

    Fine Art Tips with Leonardo Pereznieto shows us a Cherry Tree with Splatter – so fun!

    Grant Fuller shows us a beautiful Mountainscape

    Thank you for the link, Yvonne!

    You’re welcome, Sandra! 😃

    Jean Lurssen offers a very “Dramatic Sky Painting” – really stunning! (She’s uses one of the biggest rounds I’ve seen yet on YT! 😮)

    She has quite a number of Watercolour tips on her YT Channel so be sure to look her up.


    Thanks for this one.

    You’re welcome Sharon!  The sky process was one of those I kept thinking “How on earth is she going to pull that off?!?” … and then in a blink (!) she did!  😮  It was one of those magical moments. 😍

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