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    If it was celluloid, I’d be drowning LOL



    Works now for me

    Hello! I posted some information about my new portrait tutorial in the forum “Watercolor Tutorials And Resources”. I guess my post is not visible to those who are not subscribed to that particular forum, so I apologise for cross-posting. If you would like to see my approach to painting portraits on Khadi 640 gsm watercolour paper, here is the link to read and watch YouTube video:

    Thank you Violeta!   Very fun to watch your process. 🙂

    So much to read/watch and learn from, I totally missed the Kelly Eddington video “how to paint skin tones” on this Forum.

    Then, when I tried to find her work on Lupita Nyong’o, I found her collection of portrait videos! – More to watch!

    The following video is one she made of painting Lupita Nyong’o. It was on her site when she used to call it “Art Food Kitty.”

    I cannot find the other article, that of painting a Haitian child, and will continue to look for it (I was led to it via an art forum).

    However, here are the colors used for the skin: alizarin red, ultramarine blue, quin burnt orange, and gamboge. Also burnt sienna, which I believe were used to add extra depth to shadows.

    Thank you Shar!  I really love Kelly’s work and her videos.  She has such an easy manner of delivery and very succinct instructions on what and why she does things.   I’m so excited for her Strathmore workshop!

    CHRISTINE KARRON demonstrates a portrait in real-time.  It intrigues me how she’s used her initial sketch as part of her shadows too.

    Christine Karron shares her routine palette and mixes for Portrait Skin Colours Practice. (No sound – just text overlay with pigment mixes info.)

    It appears the video gremlin is afoot this morning and the video isn’t showing on the home feed, only the link.  You can click the link to open the video at YT or access it direct from within our Portraits Forum.  (It will be on the last page in that forum and page links are found and accessed at the bottom of every page.)

    DRAWING & PAINTING has a mixed media piece with a watercolour pen and ink portrait. (This will be added into the Mixed Media Forum as well.)

    Christine Karron quietly paces us through another real-time portrait painting (11-11-17) using text overlay where needed.


    It appears the Doodlewash gremlins are at play again 😮 – the link does work at least.  🙂


    Not your fault Von.


    Thanks, Rod. 😍  I’m always grateful when even the links post! 😂

    Christine Karron demonstrates a portrait with darker skin tones, using just four pigments.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 62 total)
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