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  • This Forum area is for all things about General Watercolour TECHNIQUES and ISSUES.

    This is a really great video comparison on the buckling issue with heavy wet-on-wet Watercolour papers.

    Layering and Glazing Techniques!  Simple basics to help you get started. 🙂

    James Lee offers us 8 Watercolour techniques.

    Muddy Colours – here’s another way to handle it! 🙂



    Essentially, this is painting by subtraction.  It’s a process I’ve seen used by Tracy Fein with Coloured Pencil work too.  Very cool!

    This video is jam-packed with Watercolour  techniques! 😮

    Curious about WC vs Guoache? This might help!

    Art Tutor introduces us to Gum Arabic:

    Winsor & Newton Wet-on-Wet video shows some interesting reactions!

    Jay Lee’s technique (all the while holding a baby!) is a very easy icebreaker for a new Watercolour artist:

    Hello folks,


    As watercolor is the best medium to express the feel that I believe and there is various traditional techniques that we follow to enhance our works and from a beginner to expert Dry brush is one the best technique to express artistic spontaneity. Today while surfing net found a lovely site and topic as above mentioned. Sharing it here to increase our skill. Hope it would be useful.


    thank you

    Prashant 😊

    Thank you Prashant.  This is a great tutorial!

    Art Tutor explains Using Salt With Watercolour

    I recently discovered this WC Artist, Coco Bee, who offers this bit of quick and colourful play.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 192 total)
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