Beginners to Watercolour

Beginner WATER Tutorials (Sea, River, Pond)

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  • Maria Racynzka shows us her process of a Palm Tree & Beach scape.

    Artist Network shows us how to Ripple Water.

    Watercolour Cafe takes us through his process for a Waterlily Pond. I like that he critiques himself through the voiceover too, sharing what he would do differently.

    Rick Surowicz has a 4 Part Video Series On Painting River Rocks, including photo and sketch to download. It’s like a whole class! Amazing. Here’s the link to part 1, you can find 2 through 4 on Youtube.

    Thank you Sharon!  I so appreciate you sharing his videos – I like his style of presentation very much! ❤️

    Paint Academy steps us through a Riverside Landscape.  This will be added to our Landscapes Forum as well.

    New 4 Part Paint Along from Rick Surowicz, this time on “Rushing Waters.”  Reference photo and his sketch available for download one his website. Specific skills exercises in Part 2.


    This is brilliant – thank you Sharon!! ❤️

    Lindsay Weirich, The Frugal Crafter, shows us an ocean sunset with DIY gouache from watercolours:

    Lindsay Weirich creates an ocean sunset with a Do-It-Yourself  gouache crafted from those watercolour white tubes.

    Maria Raczynska did a gorgeous seascape that she turned into bookmarks.  I would never have dared to cut up such a beautiful piece. lol

    Grant Fuller demonstrates a beautiful water fountain still life.  I was particularly impressed with his use of wet on wet with a white paint and then the addition of dry details in white on that fountain’s water.  I can see how effectively that worked versus just using masking fluid.  Also, this was a rather complicated drawing that he brought about in an uncomplicated manner.

    Grant Fuller quietly voices us through his process for a wet sandy beach on an ocean painting.  It’s fascinating and magical, I think!

    Art Tutor also brings us a sandy beach with a lovely bright, sunny day scene and people.  Such fun!

    Lindsay Weirich demonstrates a watercolour Pond Scene.  I love her step by step tutorials!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)
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