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  • I’ve got them bookmarked.  I love looking at websites, blogs and YT for a few hours in the evening.  ❤️  Thank you for all of the enjoyable viewings ahead of me, Sandra! ❣️

    I hope you enjoy the videos.  I just started doing them about a month ago and I’m still trying to work out the logistics for lighting and figuring out where to set the camera – and most of all how to talk and do art at the same time.


    Just came across this.I didn’t know there were 10 varieties of masking fluid!

    VIDEO: How to choose a masking fluid

    @sandra-strait  If you figure it out, let me know.  It will give me hope because I can’t figure out how to think and talk at the same time.  😂

    @rod-fletcher Thanks heaps Rod – it is good to see you again and this was brilliant!  I honestly didn’t know there were so many brands either, nor did I know there was a remover.

    I’ve got both Winsor & Newton’s and Daniel Smith’s and like both but tend to grab the DS because of the application ease.  With the DS test, I was really surprised she didn’t use the silicon tool and toothpick (that was a brilliant idea too!) to pull out the stamen lines as the applicator tip is really no more than a dispensing tool and not for fine finishing.

    Yesterday, I pulled off a bit done with DS on Stonehenge Aqua CP #140 and in one area, some of the paper went with it.  I’ve not had that happen on Strathmore so was really surprised and dismayed. 😢

    Are you home again or still traveling?


    It’s so frustrating when that happens. Although I must confess it’s usually my impatience at fault! Home for 8 weeks – then off to France for a month in the caravan Aug – Sep. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it LOL

    @rod-fletcher ohhhhh you enjoy every moment of those travels!  I so envy you!  ☺️   I’ve been watching the series “Escape to the Continent” – I love traveling vicariously!!

    I left the fluid on overnight and think that might have played into it. 😏  Watercolour doesn’t seem to understand that I have life happening around it. 😂😜😂


    I’m sure you’re right Yvonne, and my life is really quiet, but things do keep interfering, mainly the dog! LOL

    Awwww furries are precious aren’t they?!?  😍  My grandpuppy is 7 now, a good 55+ pounds, and still thinks my lap is theeeeee place to be.  I love him to bits!  Am highly allergic to him and take 3 different allergy meds – the heart knows no limits when it comes to cuddling a furry! ❤️

    Our life is quiet too.  My husband is on Palliative Care (its a precursor to Hospice care) at home now, and my world revolves around his needs and scheduled times.  I draw and watercolour between, which makes things dodgy with that water part. lol  Still and all, creativity is good for the soul. ❤️

    I tripped over the artist Nan Rae this morning … oh my(!) the eye candy and awe of watching her work!  (If you knew about her and didn’t tell me, you can go sit in the corner!  LOL)

    I’m sharing Yong Chen’s YT Channel here as he’s just finished up the full tutorial of the baby on the beach in watercolour.  She’s adorable and he’s shared the entire process over the course of 17 videos – lots of instruction throughout.

    Thank you for the link, Yvonne! I doubt I’ll ever manage to get through all 17 videos, but I’ll probably watch some of them.

    @sandra-strait  Sandra I have no idea how you keep up with anything because you are so busy – A painting every day, blog updates, videos – you’re a wonder woman! 😃❣️

    Yong’s baby piece was just so darling I had to share.  He’s got an enormous amount of glazing in on it.  I haven’t watched all of them yet either. 😜

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