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Where'd the Thread Go?

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  • Now, I’m pretty sure when I was here this morning that there were comments here.  Kate mentioned that she had posted her NW painting in the banner, and Elizabeth was sneaking in from Washington.  I’m sure I didn’t hallucinate it all.  If I did I want a refund, cause I didn’t get any of the good effects along with it.

    Doodlewash:  Now With Mushrooms

    I think it’s still here, though.  The thread, not the mushrooms.  Though those, too, maybe.  We are near/in Portland.

    Lemme see if I can find it. 🙂

    Okay.  That IS bizarre.  You can see all the comments from the original thread if you go up to the top, where it says “Portland OR Peeps”, and hit “home” (the first option).  But when you click the forums, this is all that shows.

    Are you noticing it anywhere else on the site?  I wonder if it’s a subtopic problem vs. a main-level problem.  (Display’s sometimes set differently for those, and can be hard to root out.  Because COMPUTERS ARE TOTALLY MAKING OUR LIVES EASIER, right? :D)

    Hey guys! This is a separate Forum INSIDE the group you made, so it will only have whatever topics people create for it and be it’s own thread. The “HOME” is the group’s wall which is the primary place to put things and where things go if you tell it to post here from the main feed.

    It’s works like a Facebook group, but the addition of Forums is something a bit unique, and possibly confusing! hehe

    Thanks Charlie.  Now I just need to remember to click on home or access this thread from the group section.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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