Today’s celebration is all about that wonderful dish featuring the avocado known as guacamole. I chose to doodlewash just the avocados themselves rather than the actual dish, which, in its most basic form, takes some mushed up avocados and adds cilantro, onions, garlic, tomatoes and lime. I love avocados in any form, so I’m equally a fan of guacamole. I’ve encountered several friends who are not really fans, so any trips to a Mexican restaurant with them will start with cheese dip instead. But, if you’re curious like me, this dish was invented by the Aztecs who deemed avocados an aphrodisiac. The name comes from the ancient Aztec word “ahuacatl,” which translates to “testicles,” so they really weren’t being subtle about the aphrodisiac bit. I’ve just learned this fact and will probably never look at an avocado the same way again. Actually, in honor of the day, I was able to coax Philippe into making his amazing fish tacos, which happen to be topped with guacamole. He’s currently working on them now and I’m rather excited to try them shortly. I think I’ll wait to tell him this bit of trivia, though, until after we’ve had dinner.

But, in truth, I love little geeky bits of trivia like this. This site actually contains many of them in my previous posts. Yeah, sure, it’s an art blog, but I have a complete inability to stay on topic. Or, I’d like to think at least, a unique ability to cover the topics that inspire art rather than only the techniques used to make it. Our world is so interesting and I adore learning all of the bits of life that brought us to the things we can often take for granted today. I apparently married well, because Philippe just mentioned how excited he was to watch a documentary later… about pickles. Yes, there’s apparently an hour-long show dedicated to this and he can’t wait to experience it. It’s in French and so I was only able to make out the title, but I’m rather sure that cornichons means it’s actually just a show about pickles. Well, the tiny little French ones often included in a charcuterie board. It’s times like these that the American in me feels a little less sophisticated. I was an adult before I even knew what charcuterie was, and I still don’t really speak French very well.

Tonight, we booked trips to visit family. First up is mine in Texas, set for early December. I didn’t grow up in Texas, nor have I ever lived there, so it still feels a bit like visiting an exotic location. Then, in January, we’ll be heading back to Paris to visit our family there. For me, these trips are such an inspiration from both the stories they create in the moment as well as the ones they evoke from the past. I learn a little something new each time and I adore the experience. Granted, it’s a bit of culture shift to move from Tex Mex to charcuterie, but it’s really not all that different in the end. What I love most isn’t all of the distinct differences, but the incredible sameness that proves no matter where you live in the world, we ultimately experience a rather similar life. A wonderful life filled with bits of trivia and routine that connects us in a very special way. While today’s world often glorifies our differences, I’m just happy enjoying our commonalities. And while I’ve no idea if the Aztecs were right about avocados, I’m thrilled to still be enjoying them hundreds of years later and celebrating my own very special Guacamole Day!

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Day 16 - Guacamole Day Avocados In Bowl Watercolor - Doodlewash

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39 thoughts on “Guacamole Day

  1. I do love guacamole! And speaking of Trivia, I got my undergrad degree from US Stevens point. Stevens Point’s campus radio station run the biggest trivia contest in the world! Pretty cool right? I played for four years. Never even won placed or showed!

  2. Guacamoile looks like green mashed potatoes, not an appetizing image at all. But oh. the flavor. One of my current favorite lunches is guacamole toast – yum! Though I could have gotten though all the rest of my life without knowing exactly what the translation is. I always thought it meant, “Bring your chips and dig in.”

    1. Yeah, I just couldn’t figure out how to make it look cool in doodlewash form all mashed up! hehe But love guacamole! 😃💕And yeah, we’ll still with the “bring your chips and dig in” definition. The real one isn’t quite as appetizing in the same way. 😉

  3. Oh I love my avocadoes and lucky me I eat them everyday. I am also lucky that I have a Mexican born son-in-law who can make the best salsa and guacamole. Also lucky that I live within 15 minutes of his parents who have large parties with food involved and we constantly invited. I love the differences and cultural and ethnic diversity in our family. Just give it a chance I say contrary to what we are encouraged to fear!! I am a rebel 😊 Love your post!!

  4. Oh I love guac! I’d actually never had it before I met my husband, but now I’m entrusted with the honor of guac maker for any party we throw. Love your avocados here, since anyone who’s ever tried to make guac with an unripe avocado knows, they’re the most important part!

  5. Lovely Doodlewash, dear Charlie. I just returned from an enchanting trip to Ireland, and I felt somehow like it was a homecoming (maybe my DNA showing I am 45% Irish had something to do with it – or maybe it was just my imagination!). At any rate, visiting family is always a precious homecoming, no matter where they are. I’m sure you’ll cherish every moment of it – even those fancy French pickles 🙂

    1. Thanks, Carol! 😃💕 So thrilled you enjoyed your trip to Ireland! I haven’t been back in years, but loved every minute I was there. And I’m sure 45% is more than enough to make it feel like home! hehe I, however, don’t have that when I’m in Paris and still can’t speak the language properly. 😊But it’s actual family so that always makes up for the bits I’m lacking.

  6. I am not a huge fan of guacamole, but I am a huge fan of your writing and your painting
    and of travel. Both Paris and Texas sound like an exciting get away. Add to it the joy
    of family and I can imagine the anticipation as those dates draw near. It is a while yet,
    but, still, I’ll offer early good wishes for safe travel and grand experiences.

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