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GUEST ARTIST: “A Long Walk to Becoming a Watercolor Artist” by Lynda DeGrow Kingsley

Hi, I’m Lynda Kingsley, a watercolor/mixed media artist from McKinney, Texas (near Dallas). I recently received a degree in studio art (watercolor emphasis) from the University of North Texas at the age of 58. It has been a long walk to get to this point!

I was that kid that was always creating. I would cut up old Girl Scout Cookie boxes (with handles) and make them into Troll houses. I learned to sew in third grade and never stopped! I was the one in the family who made everyone Christmas gifts, sometimes sewn on my little black Singer machine, sometimes hand-stitched, cross-stitch, or needlepoint. As I got older, I had an idea in my head that I wanted to create beautiful floral watercolors.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor Painting by Lynda DeGrow Kingsley - Doodlewash

This idea grew until finally, I had the opportunity to take a couple classes in the early 1990’s. I thoroughly loved watercolor, but realized that with three active kids, I could not devote the energy to learn this medium at that time. But the idea grew in my thoughts, and I started reading watercolor books. When my kids were in college, I started regular watercolor classes.

I was finally able to sell my business in New Mexico and move to Texas. I figured it was now or never to get with my watercolor goals! Workshops, and classes led me back to college.  I started entering shows and receiving awards that set me moving forward!

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor Painting by Lynda DeGrow Kingsley - Doodlewash

While I was in college, I realized it wasn’t ok to just paint a pretty flower. How was I going to make it different? What would become my unique style? I knew organic structures were what I was attracted to, but I too was intrigued by rust and decaying paint and wood. So I started creating a series where I combined the two, “Rusted Elements”. I painted in watercolors on 156 wt. Arches paper glued to a birch board. I completed the painting, and glued various rusted pieces to the paintings and covered it in epoxy resin.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor Painting by Lynda DeGrow Kingsley - Doodlewash

This led me to my next series, “Peonies en’ Transit”, a 3-D series depicting the deterioration of the peony flower. Again, I painted a complete painting in watercolors glued to a birch board. Afterwards, I built onto the painting by molding Arches 90 lb. hot press paper into petals, and wrapped this same paper onto rusted found metal pieces so that the rust would deposit on the paper. I used a combination of these papers and some burlap and Japanese papers to create the look of the deteriorating flower. This has been my favorite series to date, and one I am going to continue on, but with different flowers and colors.

I’m also starting a series that is more photo-realistic of rusted and decaying structures on Ampersand’s Aquabord. I’m really loving this surface for realism. It is very forgiving, and you can purchase it attached to a lovely frame quite inexpensively. My favorite paints are Daniel Smith. I love all his natural pigments! Green Apatite and Blue Apatite are two personal favorites.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor Painting by Lynda DeGrow Kingsley - Doodlewash

I teach a weekly watercolor class, and am looking at occasional workshops in my new studio overlooking my gardens.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor Painting by Lynda DeGrow Kingsley - Doodlewash

I’m pretty much a homebody who gets inspiration from my own garden full of perennials, rusted objects and old trees from my home in the Historic District. I show in a Dallas Gallery, and a McKinney one. I paint commissions and am working towards a show in a prominent plant nursery and gallery in Dallas. I’ve had three, one woman shows since graduating 2 years ago, and was the President of The Art Club of McKinney, the oldest art club in the state of Texas, for two years.

I show my work on my website, Facebook, and Instagram (links below). Please like and follow me!

Lynda DeGrow Kingsley

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