Watercolor Painting by Ambbali Dutta - Doodlewash

GUEST ARTIST: “A Passage To My Soul Through Watercolor” by Ambbali Dutta

My name is Ambbali Dutta, and I’m an Indian artist currently working from Delhi NCR region. To talk about my journey as an artist, I will would like to say that for me my work is a  huge part of what I am. My existence… my identity and more than that I guess.

Watercolor is my way to express my deeper self. It helps me to tell the story of my life, my dreams, my surroundings and even about the unexplored side of me. It has given a language to my feelings. 

Watercolor has given me peace and taught me patience, enriched me as a person and gave me courage. And, believe it or not, it has given me company in my hard days of life. Watercolor is the ultimate destination of my wanderer soul.

I was initiated to art at very young age, when I was hardly able to understand it. But I always used to dip my hands in paints and the walls of my house used to be my canvas as child. But, I never thought of pursuing it as a career.

Academically, I am post grad in English literature and later I completed my MBA. I worked for corporate firms for a good few years in my 20s. But my story of life was not supposed to be like that. I was lacking depth and I knew I was at wrong place.

Watercolor Painting by Ambbali Dutta - Doodlewash

One fine morning in 2013, I decided to quit my job to answer the call of my inner voice. From then it has been 5 years and I have not looked back again.

My inspiration for my works are the the people and places I come across in a ordinary day. In my work, I love to play with lights whether it is a landscape, cityscape or a portrait of passerby.

I believe light adds magic to my works.

For my works I generally use Arches 300gsm paper. For my illustrations  I love to use Fabriano 300gsm and even Canson. I love the pigments of Winsor & Newton and also Sennelier. They are bright and penetrates well into the paper.

Watercolor Painting by Ambbali Dutta - Doodlewash

For the last five years, I have chosen art as my full time career and my works have been displayed in national and international galleries. I have done several art illustrations live in the galleries and at my studio. I am also an art activist because I believe in giving back to the universe that has blessed me with creativity and opportunities at the right place and right times.

Watercolor Painting by Ambbali Dutta - Doodlewash

To conclude, I would say watercolor is like diving into the sea. The more you dive in, the more depth you will experience. You will be introduced to an entirely different world of enchantment and happiness. What you need to do is to practice everyday and befriend the process. It will never disappoint you.

Watercolor Painting by Ambbali Dutta - Doodlewash

I completely believe that there is a complete influence of the supreme power that constantly guides my way through my art, my watercolor.

Ambbali Dutta
Fine Arts Academy

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