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GUEST ARTIST: “Capturing The Essence Of Life” by Igor Trokhymenko

My name is Trokhymenko Igor Ivanovich (you can call me just Igor). I was born on August 3, 1967 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I lived in the Kharkiv region, until 2001 when I moved to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This is where I’ve lived to this day.

In 1991, I graduated from Kharkiv National University. V.Karazina (economics), and in 2008 graduated from Kyiv National University. T. Shevchenko (jurisprudence). For the last 18 years, I worked as a tax lawyer at a private company, in senior positions, for the last five years.

Why did I start painting?

At some point I felt that I was losing the ability to rejoice and to enjoy what I was doing, and looking deep into myself, I saw nothing better than painting, which was a bit involved with my childhood.

Systemically, I began to paint with a watercolor in November 2016 (unfortunately, I did not receive professional art education, I am an amateur artist).

Why watercolor?

Watercolors are deliberately chosen – this is one of the most difficult techniques in painting, but also one of the most magical.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor by Igor Trokhymenko - Doodlewash

Work done with watercolor, always attracts my attention for its ease, transparency and maximum proximity to the very essence of life, with the uniqueness of each moment and the fullness of light and color.

Why my interest in landscapes?

I am convinced that life around us is filled with beauty that you just have to see, listen to, feel.

And the works of nature are always perfect in structure, color, composition, which you will not always say about the result of human activity (with the exception of the rare exceptions).

My Creative Process

When creating my work, I use professional paints, mainly in tubes, (I want to separate the paint “Rosa” of Ukraine so far in dishes, but the quality and color palette are high). I use different brushes, constantly experimenting, and often use brushes of artificial pile (round and flat).

I try to paint each day, every day. I finish the work mostly in one session (1.5-3 hours). By the time I start, I’m thinking about the future work, trying to imagine it in my head, doing the preliminary sketches (working out the composition), thinking about the color scheme, the order and stage of work. I really like to work en plein air.

An important point in the process of plotting and realizing the plot for me is the generalization of the object. The correct reflection of the tone of different work plans (light-dark) and the correct compositional solution. The most difficult at this stage for me is the generalization of the object and the search for the correct relation between the general and the details. I consider “higher aerobatics” in the work, when literally several movements clearly convey the essence and condition of the object (form, movement, illumination).

You can ask what stimulates me to paint every day? It’s just after some time that I clearly understood that there is no other way to self-realization and achievement of a worthy level of skill than a permanent and prolonged practice.

Nothing can substitute for one’s own experience of trial and error. The rewards are disconnected from the outside world with some small achievements and successes along the way. Watercolor is a great way to complement meditation and prayer.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor by Igor Trokhymenko - Doodlewash

In May 2017 of last year, in the gallery “Globus” (Kyiv, Zoolohichnaya St., 8), I showed my first personal exhibition of my works. This year, in 2018, my works will be featured in the festivals of watercolors FabrianoInAcquarello2018 and UrbinoInAcquarello2018.

Igor Trokhymenko

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  1. Amateur? Self taught? Igor, you are a brilliant watercolor master. Your technical skill may be the result of much trial and error practice, but the intuitive ability to capture mood, to understand when to use detail and when to evoke a scene with looser gestural strokes, is rooted in your native art genius. I wish you well on your future art endeavors, of which I’m certain there will be many.

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