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GUEST ARTIST: “Cats, Birds, And Others” by Elena Anashkina

My name is Elena Anashkina. I am from Moscow, Russia. I’m not a professional artist, I’m a psychologist. I’ve drawn all my life, but seriously and every day only last year. Though, I’ve drawn from time to time all my childhood and youth.

Despite the fact that I am not a professional, I’ve managed to have an artistic life. I sewed dolls, studied jewelry, ceramics and design. Made cards, decorated Amateur theatricals, drawings of logos for organisations. Even participated in a couple of exhibitions with my collages.

Then, for 20 years, I had not touched paint, and only focused on psychology. But I recently retired and now I have a lot of free time. And I remembered my hobby, which has always brought me joy. First, I started drawing, but I missed the colors. Then I started to miss reality and I wanted to draw flowers and animals, and then realized that this seducing limits me.

From the old times, I was left with a box of watercolors that I got and started to draw, just remembering the old skills. Then I realized that we need to learn and I started to surf the Internet, watch YouTube videos, read books etc.

Most of all, I love to draw birds and flowers. Although, at times, I just want to draw something else. Sometimes I draw from nature, such as flowers, fruits and vegetables, birds and animals. But often with photos.

I paint with watercolors, watercolor pencils, add liners and a white gel pen. Sometimes, I don’t know what to get, and just start throwing colors on paper. Other times, I sit behind the sheet with a specific purpose, to paint a specific subject. I then tried to draw and create illustrations from fairy tales and stories.

Now I like to do illustrations for fairy tales and books. This time, I drew illustrations for the Bulgarian writer Yordan Radichkov. He has a kind of realistic-istoricheskih-fantastic style.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor by Elena Anashkina - #doodlewash

It helps me to stay in creative shape through participation in competitions, marathon, etc. On Instagram every day, new challenges are declared, and I choose a couple per month (the most interesting for me) and a take part in them.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor by Elena Anashkina - #doodlewash

I have no fear of “the white sheet”, but I suffer from other fears, for example, that my pictures are not good enough to be proud of them. I understand that sometimes pictures on one and the same subject, even my favorite, can become a routine.

I love watercolor for its transparency and brightness, the fluidity and the appearance of negligence. But for this negligence hides a precise and unmistakable smear. Painting fills my life with joy, and I like to share this joy with other people.

Elena Anashkina

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10 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Cats, Birds, And Others” by Elena Anashkina

  1. Anashkina, your art is absolutely delightful – full of whimsy and personality. I like the way you coax your subjects into a little circle and then capture their personalities. Your colors are subtle and delicate as if they are just thinking about making an appearance and then going home. You are definitely good enough to show your art and to be very proud of it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I look forward to seeing more of your art on Instagram! I love to draw and paint birds and flowers too – although lately I’m drawing 100 faces during the Instagram challenge. 😊

  3. Your birds are characters! So whimsical and wonderful—the expressions in their eyes, particularly. How wonderful to have a new career!

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