Fashion Shoes Watercolor Illustration by Dipintika Dileep

GUEST ARTIST: “Fashion Illustration” by Dipintika Dileep

Hello lovely people. I am Dipintika Dileep from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh state, in northern India. I am a fashion designer. Apart from being a fashion designer, I am also a designer, watercolorist and a painter.

I create customised portraits for people, custom-designed envelopes, custom wall paintings, wall murals and calligraphy lettering. I work according to my clients needs. I firstly create a rough sketch, show it to them, and then move further. My favourite medium of painting is watercolor.

Watercolor is so satisfying and I love to see the color blending magic. It allowed me to work for perfect tones of facial expressions. I had never used watercolors until my senior secondary, because I was very afraid of holding a brush. Don’t know why, but now I am very much comfortable only in watercolors.

Fashion Watercolor Illustration by Dipintika Dileep

I used to draw from my childhood onwards, but most of the time I wanted my parents to draw for me in my notebooks. But, being a science student there are a lot of diagrams I had to draw in my notebook during that time on my own. I did not know that I would have my future in this field.

Lifes A Beach Watercolor Calligraphy by Dipintika Dileep

I never thought about taking admission in fashion designing but some circumstances made me take admission in this field. Earlier in my course of fashion designing, I felt very low, but after one semester, I started enjoying it and started loving my work. In this field, we sometimes need to illustrate with mix media. When I started, I used to illustrate with mixed media but practising made me begin to use only watercolor. Practising makes a person get better over time.

Fashion Watercolor Illustration Improvement by Dipintika Dileep

Then I started exploring design and loved to do very difficult tasks. I started teaching myself calligraphy. I don’t like drawing simple dresses but love to doing heavy embroidery dresses. These things started improving me and my drawing and then I was also able to make portraits of a people. The changes and improvements in me helped me to create realistic portraits. I created a portrait of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and gifted it to him at an event.

Apart from my studies I used to take part in so many drawing competitions and win different titles. I got the title of Most Creative Women Award from Fuzia. I am also the winner of the International Artist Day organized by Faber-Castell and also the winner of Independence Day theme painting competition organized by Uttar Pradesh Tourism.

I started using watercolors in 2016. My first watercolor brand was Camlin student grade watercolors, but now I am using Faber-Castell Artist grade watercolor, Sakura Koi watercolors and Staedtler watercolor pencils.

Portrait of Woman by Dipintika Dileep

I am not suggesting a particular type of brand or brush because in my opinion everyone needs to go through every type of watercolor and brush brands. Only then can a person thoroughly learn about mediums colors, paper, and brushes over time.

Lightbulb Watercolor Illustration by Dipintika Dileep
Dipintika Dileep Photo

I’d like to spread one message to everyone, that an artist is a person who creates art by any type of medium. Whether it is cheap or expensive. I don’t think you are required to use expensive colors and brushes to create a masterpiece. Cheap colors are also very grateful. You can check out my work and follow me at the links below.

Dipintika Dileep
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  1. Your work is beautiful, I love the detail that you achieve with your technique. And I support your view that great art can be created with inexpensive materials!

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