GUEST ARTIST: “Painting In Watercolors: The Passion That Never Stops Growing” by Jean Balogh

Spring In My Step - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash

Hi, I’m Jean (originally Gyöngyi) and I am from Romania. I am a passionate illustrator, full of imagination and lots of love for watercolor painting. I work with my cheeky assistant, Felix, a cat I found on the street when he was just a kitten. We make quite the team together: we both love the visual arts, music and nature.

How I Started

Head In The Clouds - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash

Head In The Clouds

Just like every other kid, I was always interested in art and loved experimenting, drawing and painting, not only because it was a fun activity, but because it allowed me to express myself freely. When I was a teenager, I knew I had a passion for the art world, but I still thought I should study something a bit more serious, something that would offer me a real life job.

Awake - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash


So I picked up mathematics and computer science as main subjects. Although my personality is quite pragmatic, I often felt numbers and computer science were not for me… and you could see me doodling on the last pages of my notebooks during classes. I finished high school and I felt hopeless, so I decided to follow my heart and study art.

I became a graphic designer student at the local university and I had the opportunity to study multiple subjects, including illustration. After the first few weeks I already knew I fell in love with it, and I started dreaming about my future career as an illustrator.

Sleeping Fox - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash

Sleeping Fox

After graduating university, I started working as a designer and later as an illustrator, but during the course of many years, I would often put aside my illustration projects in favor of graphic design. Why? Because it was a more popular field and everyone was so hyped up about it. I slowly started to feel crushed because I couldn’t express myself as an artist.

Monochrome Forest - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash

Monochrome Forest

I’ve always had a huge hunger for learning new things, exploring art and different mediums. I had lots of illustrations in my mind and I needed to express myself, but even while working as a freelance illustrator, I couldn’t. So I was dreaming about becoming an independent illustrator, where I could express my own ideas and emotions, and create the illustrations that I love.

Forest Adventure - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash

Forest Adventure

For 10 years I designed vector illustrations and I loved it, but after such a long time I needed a change. I remembered that I always loved watercolors, but found it a very difficult technique to work with. I even created watercolor textures that I added to my vector illustrations so they would look more like watercolor illustrations.

365 Days Of Art Challenge

In 2017 I took a break from digital art and I started to experiment with watercolors. I really loved it, I loved it so much that last year in December I made a brave decision: to complete my 365 days of art challenge with watercolors. So right now I have a whole year ahead of me to express myself, to bring out all the illustrations I’ve been wanting to create and to get better and better at it.

I’m very happy for this challenge and the progress I’ve made in such a short time, and I am looking forward to seeing where this journey brings me as an artist. Another reason why I love this project so much is because it’s quite difficult… and that challenges me.

Creative Process And Materials

I have a very vivid imagination and often get a clear image about what I want to illustrate next, but sometimes, nothing comes to mind. So I keep browsing photos and materials until I feel inspired. I love to illustrate idioms or surreal things, and anything with a positive or funny message.

Rising - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash


I also love to create botanical illustrations, landscapes, character designs, children illustrations and so on. For sketching I sometimes use reference photos that help me understand the shapes and subject details better, but when it comes to children illustrations, I often draw from memory.

Tuscany - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash


Once I am happy with the sketch, I trace it (I’m quite old fashioned and use my window for this) on watercolor paper and start painting. While sketching I need silence, but when I paint I love to listen to calm/relaxing music.

Usually, I paint the first layer with simple colors, then work on the second layer where I add more colors, follow up with darker tones, shadows and finally the black layer. I love to use gouache or acrylic for white parts or highlights, and sometimes watercolor pencils for details. I scan the finished painting and adjust the colors, and edit if necessary before publishing.

Winter - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash


I use the Schmincke Horadam watercolor tubes to paint, and most of the time, Canson Aquarelle 300 gsm cold press watercolor paper. I love to use watercolor pencils too, mine are from Raffine Aquarelle. The brushes are all different, but most of them are from Daco and Milan.

While painting for my 365 days of art challenge I often start with something simple, and during the process, I find more and more meaning and inspiration connected to my illustration. So, in the end, it turns into something I haven’t even thought about at first. I love when that happens! I even try to write stories for some of my illustrations.


I decided to film my painting process whenever I can and post it on Youtube. If you are interested in how I create my illustrations, I invite you to check out my channel at the link below. To see all of the illustrations I create for the 365 days of art challenge, you can visit my Instagram link below.

Somewhere Only We Know - Watercolor Illustration by Jean Balogh - Doodlewash

Somewhere Only We Know

I’m very thankful for being featured as a guest artist on Doodlewash, among so many talented artists. Thank you so much Charlie!

Jean Balogh

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  1. June Hadaway 4 years ago

    This is so cute. Look at that little raccoon. If only they were that friendly.

    • Gyöngyi Balogh 4 years ago

      Haha, yes! I like to think they are friendly, even if they aren’t! Thank you so much!

    • Gyöngyi Balogh 4 years ago

      Hi June, yes! They are cute but not so friendly, unfortunately! I am glad you like them!

  2. gabriellaquintini 4 years ago

    hello Jean, thankyou for the lovely watercolours you´ve shared with us

    • Gyöngyi Balogh 4 years ago

      Hi Gabriella, thank you! I am glad I am part of this lovely community!

  3. Sandra Strait 4 years ago

    Jean, I love your paintings! Your sense of whimsy and adventure shines from every one of them!

  4. Linda Murray 4 years ago

    Jean, your paintings make me smile! I can see a story in each one of them. I had to laugh with your comment on doing a sketch, then tracing it on paper by using a window. I have done the same thing. Your paintings are just lovely!

  5. ann christina 4 years ago

    Gyönyörü képek, imádom a kis rókát! ❤️🦊

  6. Rod Fletcher 4 years ago

    Hi Jean,
    many thanks for sharing.

    I love the illustration effects that permeate your work. Had a quick look at your FB page and some lovely line portraits there too.

    Go well

  7. SHARON A HASCHALK 4 years ago

    Hi Jean!!

    Wow, you have a great imagination! I really love the bird in flight with the house between his wings. AND the black and white forest with the red foxes. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art!

    • Gyöngyi Balogh 4 years ago

      Thank you Sharon! Those are my favorites too, thank you so much!!

  8. Sharon Nolfi 4 years ago

    Lovely sense of style! Thanks for sharing your work.

  9. Mary Roff 4 years ago

    Your work is delightful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story!

  10. Nancy Jackson 4 years ago

    Love them all!!!

  11. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 4 years ago

    Jean, I’m not certain if your imagination is going to have a hard time keeping up with your talent, or if your talent will have a hard time keeping up with your imagination. What I DO know is that you paint wondrous images that are a delight to see. I’m glad you found your passion and are going to pursue it.

    • Gyöngyi Balogh 4 years ago

      Haha, thank you so much Sharon! I am glad my images are a delight to see!

  12. slightlyunnerved 4 years ago

    I love your woodland paintings. Inspiring! 😀

  13. Gyöngyi Balogh 4 years ago

    Köszönöm, nagyon örülök, hogy tetszenek! Szeretem a rókákat! <3

    • Pamela Smith 4 years ago

      Love your story and your illustrations..thank you for sharing…

  14. Priyanka Maruthi 4 years ago

    Your Painting awesome. 😍👌

  15. Janneke Booister 4 years ago

    So nice! Thank you for sharing your art and your story 🙂

  16. Sarah 4 years ago

    Fantastic artwork and beautiful illustrations! Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Isabel Patchett 4 years ago

    I have just joined up tonight and trying to find my way around when I came across your beautiful paintings thank you for sharing them. I am looking forward to becoming a part of this wonderful place. I may not be on as often or as much as I would like to as I am a full time carer to my darling husband so my time is taken up caring for him. I have not picked up a brush for ages and it is something I really want to do so I will have to make time for myself each day, even just 20 minutes would be wonderful. Cheers to everyone and thank you Charlie for this great art site.

  18. Beautiful work!

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