GUEST ARTIST: “Watercolours For The Soul” by Prashant Maru

Hello, my name is Prashant Maru from India. I come from a far away village in the state of Gujarat, but now I’m working in Railway Mail Service as a government employee. So, for a living, my job is in Surat, India and for soul, of course, I always prefer just painting whatever inspires me.

I sometimes ask myself why I do paintings and love to paint and the answer I get from within is that it’s the only way to nourish my soul. More than any of the other ways. I really feel blissful whenever I paint something. From the time I was a child, I loved to paint with different mediums. But, for the last three years, everything has changed and I’m addicted to only one medium, and it is watercolor.

So I may say that watercolour is now as important as breathing and drinking water. I can’t stay away from this medium even when I don’t paint anything. I keep it with me so I feel connected with it all the times.

The Emotion Of Watercolour

I think watercolor is the best medium to express a spontaneous feeling. Due to the spontaneity of this medium, the flowing colours simply grab our attention in a way no other medium can.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor painting by Prashant Maru - Doodlewash

When I started to paint with this medium, I realized how difficult it was to paint with watercolors. So many times, I lost my temperament to paint with it, but I didn’t lose my faith. Just learning every day, with new hues and ways to paint only with watercolors, and my journey began. Today, when I look back, I can look at it with a smile.

Of course, it’s also the easiest medium to paint, and worth the difficulties to do. If we really give all the power to the water, this medium will become our friend, and allow us to paint whatever we want to express. Whatever the water wishes to explore. Still, everyday is like going to school, and I’m a student and a teacher with my watercolors.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor painting by Prashant Maru - Doodlewash

My Materials

As it’s a never ending process, I try new things and do experiments with watercolors. Different papers, such as Indian Handmade, Imported, Cold and Hot Pressed with different textures and GSM. Different paints, like Indian transparent watercolours Camlin brand as well as some imported too like Royal & Langnickel and some more.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor painting by Prashant Maru - Doodlewash

I also like all kinds of brushes ( Indian, Chinese, Royal & Langnickel and others) I have some from Canada as a friend has sent them to me as a gifts. Both synthetic and real hair, flat and round, but mostly I use round brushes size 12 and 8 for brush works and different round mop brushes for different washes. I do experiments with different techniques like wet in wet and dry on wet or dry on dry for dry brush works but I love all of them as per a painting needs.

My Inspiration

I love nature, so of course, nature is the source of inspiration and it inspires me to paint in everyday life, such as birds, flowers, animals and landscapes. You’ll find me painting portraits of people too, whenever I feel I want to paint something different, or on when working on a commission. I love the process of painting more than the result as the painting process gives a bliss to the each passing moment. And the results give a surprise to our eyes as watercolor always make us feel fascinated.

I do painting when I’m free from my job and get time to paint in my busy life, but due to the flexibility of my job, I get so much time to paint. I’ve a beautiful wife, a four year old angel daughter, and parents. They give me so much space of time and solitude, with some quality time so I can paint, and fulfill my desire. That is so beautiful, and I’m very grateful. My daughter also follows me in painting so she is both my student and a little artist friend. We both enjoy painting and I get to become a kid again.

I love poems, so I use poems with my paintings and that makes each feel complete. I’ve also exhibit some paintings here and some sold some as well. When I’m not painting, I do meditation and play the keyboard as I love music too! The journey is a delightful experience. Always letting the water paint itself. Thank you, Charlie, for such a beautiful site and offering me a platform to express myself.

Prashant Maru
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  1. Cathy Inzer 1 year ago

    Wonderful paintings, esp. of the little girl!

    • Prashant Maru 1 year ago

      Thank you Cathy .. She is an inspiration to paint everyday 🙂

  2. Sandra Strait 1 year ago

    Your work is so beautiful! That swan is particular is amazing. It’s no wonder – your philosophy of the soul shines through in your painting.

  3. smzang 1 year ago

    So fine!!

    My favs: the pigeons, the horses, the window boxes, all of them…super!

  4. Laura Jasper 1 year ago


  5. Darruda 1 year ago

    Nice works!

  6. Jan Castle 1 year ago

    Stunning work…thank you so much for sharing your passion and inspiration!!! I am a beginner in watercolor…your work makes my heart and fingers long to dive right in and create something. I will remember your saying ‘give the power to the water’!!!! Thank you!

    • Prashant Maru 1 year ago

      Hey Jan, so nice to hear you.. Pleasure and gratitude .. Keep painting 😊

  7. Michele 1 year ago

    Beautiful watercolors Prashant!

  8. Ruchira 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing your lovely story and paintings. So inspiring!

  9. Amit Paul 1 year ago

    Really beautiful, love to see your Paintings

  10. Alexandra Broyles 1 year ago

    Beautiful paintings, lovely essay.

  11. Sharon Mann 1 year ago

    Thank you sharing you life and beautiful paintings form the soul.

  12. Mary Roff 1 year ago

    Beautiful work! And, I agree, painting and especially watercolor does nourish the soul. The swan is breathtaking!!

  13. Tom Cunliffe 1 year ago

    Beautiful work Prashant – thanks for sharing and may God bless you and your family in every way

  14. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 1 year ago

    Prashant, your paintings are very beautiful. I’m really taken by the ones of your adorable daughter.

  15. Mary McDonough 1 year ago

    Beautiful work. Enjoyed your words, too.

  16. You have so aptly expressed the hold water color has. This is how it is for me too.

  17. Sharon Nolfi 1 year ago

    Prashant, your paintings are lovely. I especially like the pigeons, but all of your work is full of emotion. Thank you for sharing it.

  18. Prashant Maru 1 year ago

    Thanks so much Admin team of Doodlewash, all the artists friends for your kind and beautiful words that lift up my spirit and specials thanks to Charlie sir for such honour and platform to the Artists and spreading the joy of art around the world… Thanks again 💝

  19. Kate Powell 1 year ago

    Prashant I loved the way you describe your relationship to watercolors and your creative spirit.

  20. Mickey's Malleable Musings 1 year ago

    Prashant what lovely work. The little girl walking away is precious, the horses are gorgeous, the pigeons enchanting and the swan absolutely beautiful. Those are the ones that stuck in my mind but all of your work brings a smile to my face. I received your message after returning from a trip but haven’t been able to respond. Will keep trying.

    • Prashant Maru 1 year ago

      Thank you so much Mickey for ur kind appreciations 🙂 and didn’t get about the message as I didn’t do.. Will u tell me what was it ?

  21. Anne-Marie 1 year ago

    Beautiful! You are an excellent drawer too.

  22. Elizabeth Metz 1 year ago

    I absolutely love those camping night scenes. Makes me want to dig out the tent, despite the nearly-freezing temps going on here in the PNW at the moment. 😀

    Also, I love the idea of watercolor being the teacher and just showing up to learn from it. So much wisdom, right there.

  23. Jennifer McLean 1 year ago

    lovely to read about your process!

  24. Pamela Smith 10 months ago

    Beautiful work Prashant,I like your saying give the power to the water,that is something I struggle with,a work in progress I am..thank you for sharing I enjoyed all of it..

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