GUEST DOODLEWASH: A Combination Of Planning And Intuition

#WorldWatercolorGroup - watercolor by Dalibor Popovic Miksa of city scene - #doodlewash

Hi, my name is Dalibor Popović Mikša (follow me on Facebook!), and I’m from Belgrade, Serbia. The medium I’ve used for the last 5 years is watercolor, but besides that, I use pencil, acrylic and wire-installations.

I graduated from the Academy of Art University of Banja Luka. A couple of years ago, I saw on the Internet watercolors done by Andrew Wyeth, Alvaro Castagnet and Joseph Zbukvic and under their influence I entered into the world of watercolor. From that moment, watercolor painting influenced my approach in other painting technique (mist, detail omission, connecting shapes, etc.)


The light is probably the main theme of all my works. Considering that I prefer to paint in studio using photographs, instead of plein air painting, I developed the ability to recognize the right photography with expressed contrast of light and shadow.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - watercolor by Dalibor Popovic Miksa of sunset and boats - #doodlewash

This contrast could be strong and sharp or soft and discreet. In both cases it is important to paint connecting shapes before drying, because it is the good and easy way of making atmosphere in watercolor.


The base of all of my paintings in watercolor or any other technique is a solid drawing which dictates the composition and dynamics of a painting.

One of the reasons I mainly choose urban landscapes is the strong presence of geometry and straight lines, as well as the contrast the lines make to irregularly shaped objects. I also like to emphasise tram overhead lines and other electrical installations that can be seen in the streets. Playing with lines is an important part of my watercolor paintings.


The palette of colors in my watercolor paintings is generally dim and mostly comprised of various shades of grey with a tendency towards warmer or cooler nuances.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - watercolor by Dalibor Popovic Miksa of seaside village - #doodlewash

I often get those shades of grey from burnt sienna and ultramarine. As opposed to darkness, brightly colored accents appear on pedestrians, traffic lights, advertisements etc.


I use Hahnemühle 300g watercolor cotton paper.  My watercolors are Schmincke Horadam and I use Escoda brushes.


Except light, the basic idea of my expression is the unfinished part of the picture – the contrast between hyperrealism and total lack of details. The biggest challenge is finding a best way to do that, and recognize the moment to stop painting.

It is especially hard to achieve in watercolor because it does not allow mistakes. So, I try to plan in advanced but at the same time to let my intuition guide me.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - watercolor by Dalibor Popovic Miksa of Purple Converse Tennis Shoes - #doodlewash

I would like to say thanks to Charlie for featuring me and to support his idea to create

Greetings from Belgrade

Dalibor Popović Mikša
Fine Art Escape

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  1. John 6 years ago

    Really enjoyed this post and seeing these wonderful paintings! Thanks Dalibor and to Charlie, as ever, for the introduction!

  2. Arts & Rhymes 6 years ago

    Wow, amazing and inspiring work! Puno pozdrava iz Indijane!

  3. Jodi 6 years ago

    Wow! Beautiful work!

  4. ramaink 6 years ago

    Wonderful artwork!! I love the delicacy of your paintings! Thank you for sharing your artwork with us!

  5. Sarah 6 years ago

    Incredible artwork! So beautiful.. thanks for sharing your talent with us Dalibor 🙂

  6. Jessica Seacrest 6 years ago

    Amazing artistry Dalibor!

  7. Laura (PA Pict) 6 years ago

    Wow! Your handling of light is glorious.

  8. Snehal Kank 6 years ago

    Wow! What an inspiring work!

  9. Bill Jackson 6 years ago

    Your paintings are beautiful. I really enjoyed the post. Good fortune to you as you keep painting!

  10. Jen 6 years ago

    Wow, such beautiful work!

  11. marchescountrylady 6 years ago

    Just stunning

  12. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    Dalibor, your delicate and expressive method of handling paint and incorporating negative space as an essential part of each painting showcase your extraordinary talent. I like how your philosophy of knowing when to stop, of knowing a work is complete even when part of the paper remains untouched or some of the paints appear smudged and unfinished, imbues your artwork with the feeling that we are seeing the scene at its moment of inception. Takes insight and courage to paint this way. Truly brilliant and gorgeous art.

  13. Lilia Rendon 6 years ago

    Wow, this is incredible.

  14. jiisand 6 years ago

    As someone who plays with graphics with nowhere the sensitivity and control you display I could only admire your adventures into depth with a firm expertise in value understanding. It’s a valuable lesson for me and invites exploration.

  15. waer882016 6 years ago


    • Emily Chalko 6 years ago

      Wow. You paint with such amazing delicacy and your handle on color and light are unreal. This inspired me to pull out my watercolors. I struggled with the same issues of knowing when I learned to oil paint. I prefer to leave pieces slightly underdone because I’ve ruined enough sketches and far more paintings from going too far and ruining them. Really brilliant body of work. Thanks for sharing!

  16. フレッド 6 years ago

    very cool.

  17. jaesguerra 6 years ago

    Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos with us

  18. sanjeetrathore 6 years ago

    I am from india
    I really enjoy
    Ur post

  19. Es Marinsche kocht 6 years ago

    Great pics – the ship is my favourite 😊

  20. Rou5aTravels 6 years ago

    Love it..Specially the guy with one tooth, where did you get the inspiration for this face? looks very familiar…

  21. zico club 6 years ago

    good work

  22. bookwormsri 6 years ago

    The works almost have a magical light to it ! thanks for showing it ! its mesmerizing!

  23. littleblogs11 6 years ago

    That’s so cool!…….must’ve taken you ages to paint!

  24. geraldgordge 6 years ago

    Amazing work!

  25. winterwritesblog 6 years ago

    Dalibor Popović Mikša I think that your work is wonderful – the watercolors are so inviting and tell a story.

  26. Monsieur R. 6 years ago
  27. Kristen 6 years ago

    Very interesting!

  28. moorezart 6 years ago

    Reblogged this on From 1 Blogger 2 Another.

  29. Perkreations 6 years ago

    Lovely work.

  30. Amera I Solomon 6 years ago

    lovely….pictures portraying rain is so calming especially in watercolors…just lovely

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  32. Rodney Whitebread 6 years ago

    Reblogged this on Rodney Whitebread and commented:
    Beautiful and inspiring work , love the colors in the artwork. 🙂

  33. Happy 6 years ago

    Oh my! This is incredible!!

  34. vowww..stunning work..!! awesome i can say..!! would like to share some my photography work..Amazing Nature wallpaper

  35. Iriz Chan 6 years ago

    Oh my…I’m so in love with your work!

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  37. Beautiful work. I love Andrew Wyeth’s work too. Louise

  38. Alexithymia_Shubhi 6 years ago

    Wonderful work..amazing painting work..All the details are really interesting ones..I love art and this post really gives more knowledge .Thank you for sharing this post 🙂

  39. sharndeniz 6 years ago

    Wonderful work, I love it

  40. tbymallano 6 years ago

    So beautiful!

  41. Susan 6 years ago

    Beautiful work!

  42. blondiestubbornwoman 6 years ago

    Beautiful. I was married for an graduated artist. This is beautiful 💞

  43. Kcee_Rich 6 years ago

    Excellent work interesting concepts!

  44. livelifethehealthyway 6 years ago

    Look good

  45. bella 6 years ago

    These are fantastic, you’re very talented! I love the sense of movement you convey in your style, it feels like it’s about to come to life!

  46. auroraviory 6 years ago

    Reblogged this on More-Than-A-Story.

  47. ujjwal666 6 years ago

    This is amazing !

  48. anyway what many like we are also involve good work

  49. The Leaky Inkpot 6 years ago

    To blend hyper realism and lack if detail… To know when to stop painting. That’s a beautiful lesson in itself.

  50. crazycraftsman26 6 years ago

    Amazing talent. Love your vision. ☺🙏

  51. yoshikawa marcia 6 years ago

    Beautiful paints!!!

  52. thirstfornature 6 years ago

    Interesting I love your work Dalibor… Your eye for paint is capturing.

  53. writegill 6 years ago

    You skill and talent combine to produce beauty.

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  55. ayesha724 6 years ago

    I love how the colors all combine, it gives the illustrations more feeling an emotion! Really Nice Work!!!!

  56. Riddhi Sharma 6 years ago

    Wonderful artwork..! You’ve got so much talent.I enjoyed this post. Thank you!

  57. ambujredefininglife 6 years ago

    Elegant piece of work!

  58. nidhiloveyourself 6 years ago

    Hie dalibor im amazed to see your work ! Its really stunning and speechless paintings !

  59. dreamywomanblog 6 years ago

    wow really wonderfull art

  60. Ron S. Hamilton 6 years ago

    Love your work. Cover art to post, ” comin’ home from Abbey Road.”

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  62. creationaquanell 6 years ago

    Beautiful work !

  63. jenpedwards 6 years ago

    Absolutely STUNNING work! Thank you for sharing it!

  64. artbeez 6 years ago

    Wow! I really liked this post. I also admire your work of paintings. I enjoyed reading how you do your paintings. -Bea 👍👍

  65. Aesthetics of Longing 6 years ago

    Your work is exceptionally beautiful!!!

  66. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    The light in your work is stunning.

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