GUEST ARTIST: “A Designer By Choice But An Artist At Heart” by Anupriya Arvind

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Anupriya Arvind of leaf pattern

Hi! I’m Anupriya Arvind, an art lover from New Delhi, India. Currently I’m a UX designer at Barclays and by education, I have a Masters degree in Graphic Design from NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmedabad and a Bachelors degree in Communication Design from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Delhi.

Art and illustration were more of a distraction than a serious pursuit for me as a kid (as I was quite restless and always into some mischief); so much so, that most of my schoolbooks were full of gibberish sketches which vented my restlessness, while at the same time annoying my teachers to no end.

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Anupriya Arvind of flowers being painted

Doodlewash by Anupriya Arvind leaves

Apprehending the danger signs, my parents packed me off to art classes after school “channeling my energy” as they liked to call it, and so began my tryst with art from grade one, continuing for twelve years, which eventually got me my diploma in Fine Arts.

What began as a diversion became my calling to try something new and different. Each time I dabbled with paint because, for me, art had no rules. It was unconventional and freeing. And I guess that’s where my motivation lies, even today. Art is my liberation, the freedom to do what I want without the fear of being questioned or stopped.

Doodlewash by Anupriya Arvind trees process

I’m not a very fussy artist. I paint with whatever I can lay my hands on, even to the extent of dipping my brushes into tea or coffee! My creative mood largely depends on the medium I’m working with. I like mixing and mashing styles. For example, if I work with watercolors, I try micro stippling and ink washing or blending in some hand lettering. I dabble in various mediums – pen, pencil, charcoal, oils, pastels, ink, etc, but watercolors are my first love.

Doodlewash by Anupriya Arvind yellow and red flowers

Doodlewash by Anupriya Arvind pink tree

Some of my favorite watercolor series have been – Flowers of Nainital, Trees of my college – #NIDtrees and most recently a mini project called #29daysofadoodlebug. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations. I love impromptu traveling and on a number of such escapades I have indulged in nature-inspired artwork for which I have always kept my faithful sketchbook and paints handy, resulting in tons of travel diaries and journals. 

Doodlewash by Anupriya Arvind orange tree

I am a great admirer of the works of the eminent cartoonist, the late Mr. R.K. Laxman. What I really like about his work (other than his incredible technique) is it’s honesty and effortlessness. It speaks, resonates and stays with you. It talks to an age of people who have forgotten to laugh at themselves. Other artists, whose work I look up to are Rajiv Eipe, Durga Bai, Malika FavreEva-LottaMike Rohde, and Kriti Monga to name a few.

Doodlewash by Anupriya Arvind orange flowers

I am also a voracious reader and a bookbinder. I have this weird notion that book-lovers are super creative and that makes for great artwork!

From the toddler who proudly abraded the walls of her room with her mom’s favorite lipstick, to the rebellious kid who stood up to her teacher for berating her artwork of green flowers and pink leaves, I have come a long way. Now, I’m a professional designer/artist and writing about it all. The best way to describe myself on this crazy, incredible journey would be – A designer by choice but an artist at heart, always.

Anupriya Arvind

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25 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “A Designer By Choice But An Artist At Heart” by Anupriya Arvind

    1. Wow reading about you makes me happy. Actually 3 years back I found myself in this art world and recently in this water world. Thank you Charlie for creating a mood and channeling me in right way

  1. Anupriya, thank you for sharing your method. I like how you protect parts of your painting to be filled in later with other images and how you layer areas, adding background and details as you go. Your colors are expressive and, as others have noted, happy. I can imagine the joy you painted on your walls with lipstick when you were a kid.
    Thanks for bringing us another Doodlewasher, Charlie.

    1. Thanks a lot for the warm and generous compliment. Its so cool that you feel my small story is inspiring in any way. makes me wanna try better and create something different everytime. So in a way you’ve inspired me back! 🙂

  2. Truly posted from the heart dear Anupriya. What an incredible journey from a lipstick artist to a watercolour one ! All my blessings for a greater journey ahead.Keep painting from your heart.

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