GUEST ARTIST: “Beating Boredom With Brushes” by Virginia González

My name is Virginia González and I’m a 27 year old from Barcelona, Spain with a degree in PR and Advertising. After graduating from university in Barcelona I decided to mix things up and move to London where, in order to get to know some new people, I started a course in illustration at Central Saint Martins and since then I just could not put down the pen.

Camel Doodlewash by Virginia González

Upon returning to Barcelona I completed a postgrad in Children’s illustrations in EINA. However, up until this time my work had never involved watercolour. I stumbled upon the joy and calming expressivity of this technique one day at an art class in the fantastically bohemian part of Barcelona called Gracia after finishing my post-graduate course, when I was jobless, hopeless and looking for a way to spend my (many, many) free hours.

Fountain doodlewash and watercolor by Urban Sketcher Virginia González

I have now found a job (wahoo!) working as an Accounts Executive at a PR and communications agency and in my free moments I take orders for my illustrations. It is super surreal for me seeing my drawing hanging on the walls of my friends and family and even random strangers! However, first and foremost I am a person with major wanderlust, I love exploring the world, wherever it takes me.

Doodlewash and watercolor faces in Thailandesos by Virginia González

I find my inspiration in the street, in the everyday. I need to walk around, get lost in a place, sit myself down in a bar and start drawing what I see around me. My challenge is to portray reality gently and beautifully. Or rather, to find the beauty in the day to day and, in order to do this, I arm myself with crazy colours.

Fountain doodlewash watercolor and urban sketch by Virginia González

One of my favorite things to sketch is fashion, as if I were a haute couture designer working at a Paris fashion house. I also love drawing food and, of course, the cities and countries that I have visited. I save EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) in my sketchbook, which I carry on me every day in case inspiration strikes!

Habana Doodlewash and painting by Virginia González

I would love to be able to give you a favorite drawing of mine but, the truth is that they were each done at different moments of my life, on different journeys and featuring special subjects so, for me at least, they each represent a special and precious memory.

Virginia González

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  1. Virginia, I am glad you weren’t able to put the pen down! I enjoy the liveliness of your street scenes, and the children’s faces in your sketchbook are delightful!

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