Watercolor by Jack Holland Doodle

GUEST ARTIST: “Bigwood & More” by Jack Holland

These paintings are from Jack Holland in England, East Sussex (follow him this instant on Instagram!). The painting at the top left is “just called Bigwood, because that’s who it’s of. ” (He sent four and I simply couldn’t choose one to feature). Jack started drawing a lot as a kid then took it up as an A-Level and now he is studying Art Foundation at West Kent College in Tonbridge.

Jack says, “I usually draw a faint pencil sketch and then when I’m happy I use either fineliners or a Biro which I get for free from work. I love using Biro as it’s so versatile. You can get bold dark lines or you can use it lightly and build up tone and shading. I then go over it with watercolour which is my favourite medium as it gives you the freedom to be messy if you want to.” (couldn’t agree more!)

Jack says he usually only uses about two or three layers as he likes a simpler look to the art, kind of like it would belong in a children’s book. Then he goes back over it in pen to emphasize the lines to make it pop.

“The thing that inspires me the most,” Jack says, “are usually the photos that I take as I’m also a keen photographer. When I was younger my favourite book was called The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey and that was what made me want to draw as it has these absolutely gorgeous paintings. Mostly my inspiration comes from books I read as a kid, especially Quentin Blake’s illustrations in Roald Dahl’s books.”

Thanks so much for sharing your doodlewashes with us Jack! And be sure to follow Jack on Instagram to see more of his awesome doodlewashes! 

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      1. Ooooh! A fancy name for a ballpoint. LOL! I rarely draw with ballpoint; I don’t like the way they feel, usually. But, I might try with those new gel pens. I bought a set of the uni-ball Vision Elite ones and I looove the feel of the way the ink flows on paper. 🙂

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