Blinded Love by Ginger Hershberger

GUEST ARTIST: “Blinded Love” by Ginger Hershberger

Today’s guest doodlewash comes to us from Ginger Hershberger (@queuekitty on Instagram), a college freshman in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (but with a hometown that will always be New Orleans). Ginger says, “This particular piece was inspired by the LGBT community, their struggle and my place in it.”

Even from a very young age Ginger would color and draw profusely, and would hardly ever leave the house without some paper and a pen or pencil. For a while after moving to Pennsylvania, motivation to create art diminished until beginning high school and taking an introductory drawing class sophomore year. Ginger says, “My teacher, now retired, showed us that how we feel about what we draw and frequent practice is just as important as what we draw, if not more so.” (that’s some pretty excellent advice!)

During Ginger’s senior year of high school another art teacher introduced watercolor and the creativity exploded. (yeah… totally doodlewashed… it happens!) In Ginger’s words, “I’d found my medium and my art blossomed quickly. I even completed a self portrait, start to finish, in a few hours one day. I’m nowhere near perfect but discovering my ease with watercolor has helped to grow my confidence in all areas of my artistic life.”

Currently Ginger is pursuing a career which incorporates interests in Anthropology, Forensics, and Linguistics, but knows art will always remain a prominent part of life. You can also check out Ginger’s blog on Tumblr to see more work and Ginger is also open to commissions and can be reached on Facebook.

Ginger says, “I hope no one ever lives a life without art as it’s made mine so much more colorful (pun intended) and exciting!”

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