Erbalunga, Corsica by Philippe Noguera

GUEST DOODLEWASH: Dreaming of Erbalunga


This dreamy doodlewash was created by Philippe (@Phinomet), when I insisted he make one last night. Actually, I had asked him to be Sunday’s guest post again early in the week, and he was thinking that meant painting on Sunday. I explained to him that guests posts go up in the morning, and so we doodlewashed together after dinner (and wine).

While I was creating something sort of ridiculous that I’ll post later today, he was making this lovely scene of Erbalunga, a pretty coastal village in Corsica, on the eastern coast of Cap Corse. His best friend, Zélie, had recently posted photos of their amazing trip they took together there years ago as part of her birthday wish to him.

I’ve never been there, but I definitely want to go someday. And love the way he’s captured the peaceful and serene mood in a way that really does make it seem like a dream location. It’s still been so long since we’ve taken a vacation, but hopefully that will change in the coming year. In the meantime, we’ll both just be dreaming of Erbalunga.

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33 thoughts on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Dreaming of Erbalunga

  1. It does indeed have that elevated, dreamy longing quality to it, and with justification – it certainly looks a desirable setting! The execution of the water is particularly gorgeous.

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