Eternal Reflection Watercolor by @MissAesha

GUEST DOODLEWASH: Eternal Reflection

Aesha (@missaesha) is back with this beautiful new doodlewash. Love the limited tones in this one and the dreamy quality to the scape. She says this is her last waterscape for awhile and will be branching out to land to see what happens. Check her out on Instagram and you can see that even her self-described “misses” are beautiful!

Aesha and I have a Doodlewash Picnic planned for lunch tomorrow where we’ll both be trying plein air sketching for the first time! I’m continually amazed and humbled by all the fabulous urban sketchers in the world, so it will be fun to give it a try and see what happens. I’ll be sure to report back with the outcome.

Urban sketchers is a wonderful group and they focus on sketching indoors or outdoors, but only from direct observation of life (vs. photos). It’s something we want to try more of in the future. There are lots of urban sketchers who make doodlewashes while some just sketch in pencil or ink, use colored pencils, or use markers.

A doodlewash by contrast is absolutely anything you create that involves watercolor, using any reference at all, even something you just imagined in your mind. The only second “requirement,” of course, is to have a heck of a lot fun while you’re making whatever it is you feel inspired to create! And then we’ll all be inspired too!

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