Doodlewashes by Pungky Octaviani

GUEST ARTIST: “Faces On The Wall” by Pungky

My name is Pungky and I’m currently living in Bekasi City, Indonesia (follow me on Instagram!). I love dancing, singing and drawing. Since I was little, it seems like my soul was made for them. As the only child in the family, I’m likely an ambivert – I’m not an antisocial person, but while I’m on my way to work or any other situations, I don’t want to speak to anyone, but other times I can speak too much and listen too little.

I also live in my imagination. That makes my arts surrealistic and sadly some people might find this strange and get me wrong – like I have multiple identity disorder. LOL

Doodlewash by Pungky OctavianiThe faces I drew come from a pattern that appears on the wall, like you can see on this set (that’s my first watercolor art in 2013, I made it when I was alone in my room staring at the wall and then the idea suddenly appeared to me). I drew the pattern in a sketchbook with pencil (Faber Castell 2B), made the details, played with the watercolor (Polar Guitar) and used a drawing pen (Snowman) for the outline.

I was using very old watercolors which had already dried hard – I opened the tube then I soften them with water because I think any materials are good, depends on how we use them to make something beautiful.

Some people say they love how I mixed the colors which makes me more confident to play with a lot of colors and explore more. I love colors though I almost only wear black and grey for my outfits – it might describe my fantasy and reality. But really, mixing colors and watching them combine can create different feelings. I feel the harmony when I realize that any color works with any other color.

I’m self taught, so I don’t know much about drawing techniques. I wish I could have more time to improve my skill and have a lot of friends to share my art with. You can see several pieces of my art on Instagram @PunkyRawk.

Pungky Octaviani

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