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Hi there! I’m Sissh, my full name is Sihlengile Gwamanda, I’m an aspiring artist from South Africa (follow me on Instagram and follow my blog on WordPress!). Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always enjoyed creating and making things – If I’m painting or drawing or crafting; I’m in my happy place.

Doodlewash by SisshI have always admired art done in watercolour; from children’s book illustrations to doodles and urban sketches to paintings exhibited in galleries. There’s always been a curious element that drew me in with watercolour. But for some reason I never really tried them out until early last year when I decided to start chasing my dream again of becoming a proper artist.
Doodlewash by SisshI had studied fine art at university a few years back but I had horrible experiences due to social anxiety and depression. I had meltdowns because at the time I was not aware of myself enough. I’ve since been able to get myself back up and thanks to the age that we live in. When I made the decision to go back to art, I was able to find plenty of tutorials and blog post and people to learn from on the internet.

Doodlewash by SisshAfter having tried different mediums I felt a particular affinity to watercolours. It’s the almost unpredictable way the pigments blend together, the delicate yet vibrant feel when dry and the many ways you can work with the medium. My art is inspired by nature, beauty, the abstract and fantasy in varying degrees. I paint mostly from photos at the moment but I am slowly getting into the habit of going out there and painting what I see or come across.

Doodlewash by SisshI use Daler-Rowney pans and the Pentel Aquash brush to paint with after having gone over the initial pencil sketch with acrylic ink or a fine liner. I haven’t quite found my particular style yet but I’m enjoying the process.

You can follow my journey on my blog or on Instagram where I post sketches and extra little bits as well as finished art. Thanks for reading!



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  1. Sharon Mann 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork Sissh. I like how you use your color in surprising ways. Thank you Charlie.

  2. jotsfromasmallapt 7 years ago

    This sharing venue you have made, Charlie, for inspiring artists around the world…what a joy! Sissh is remarkable and that also includes her creativity and watercolour artistry!

  3. Kari 7 years ago

    Hi Sissh! I think your work is beautiful, especially your portraits! To me, they represent women who may be shy or quiet but so much to express. I love them! Will be following on IG!! Thank you!

  4. Jodi 7 years ago

    Thank you both for some great inspiration!

  5. Teresa Robeson 7 years ago

    Sissh definitely knows how to use colors to evoke mood. I hope she’ll continue to enjoy and partake of art!

  6. artandmoondreams 7 years ago

    Delightful watercolors. Hope you enjoy your adventures in exploring with watercolours, the possibilities are endless. Thank you Charlie for sharing a lovely post.

  7. elenaalvarezpaint 7 years ago


  8. Damita M-S 7 years ago

    Very nice work.

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  10. Rachel Murphree 7 years ago

    Oh I like how delicate these are!

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  13. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Lovely work!

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